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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
MH9-0038725-8/1/1 28-Jan-2005 79FSO 3004930267 Yunnan Huatai Optical Company Limited China
AM1-0115089-5/1/1 10-Jan-2005 79FXX 3002806988 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Ltd. New Zealand
551-1837709-7/14/1 13-Jan-2005 79GAA 3001446810 Dectro International, Inc. Canada
582-8743511-0/1/1 25-Jan-2005 79GAA 3002807847 Pajunk GmbH Germany
AEK-6996266-6/1/1 14-Jan-2005 79GEN 3003844452 Fianim Enterprises Pakistan
AEK-7008748-7/1/1 18-Jan-2005 79GEN 3002991889 New Waseem Trading Company Pakistan
AEK-7000232-0/1/3 24-Jan-2005 79HTD 3004761843 Nabi Surgico Pakistan
AEK-7000232-0/1/1 24-Jan-2005 79HXD 3004761843 Nabi Surgico Pakistan
582-8717252-3/1/1 14-Jan-2005 79KDG 3002806422 B. Braun Medical Ltd. United Kingdom
FR1-0011116-5/1/1 12-Jan-2005 79KGO 3000980306 Beijing Reagent Latex Products Co., Ltd. China
FR1-0011128-0/3/1 03-Jan-2005 79KGX 1000258417 Nissho Corporation Japan
231-2875095-9/40/1 21-Jan-2005 79LRR 1000584424 Franz Kalff Gmbh Germany
NY3-0004274-2/8/1 21-Jan-2005 79LRR 1000533355 Zhejiang Cereals Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export Corporati China
T03-0035040-9/4/1 31-Jan-2005 79LRW 1000196634 Muhkam Trading Corporporation Pakistan
T94-0037984-6/1/1 14-Jan-2005 79MDM 3003120222 F.F.D.M.-Pneumat France
112-5170423-5/1/1 04-Jan-2005 79MWY 3004852935 Global Electrolysis Supply United States
112-5026257-3/1/1 07-Jan-2005 79NRJ 3002479310 Medventures Australia