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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-6822118-9/1/2 05-Oct-2005 64BCC25 3005318986 Savon Pharmacy United States
112-8387420-4/1/1 25-Oct-2005 64BCY24 3004420709 Packaging Depot Canada
112-8442615-2/1/5 24-Oct-2005 64BCY25 3005328140 Novartis Turkey
XXX-0126423-4/1/1/G 11-Oct-2005 64BDC04 3005299246 msd Venezuela
XXX-0126906-8/1/3 11-Oct-2005 64BDC24 3004399994 Laboratorio Franco Colombiano Lafrancol S.A. Colombia
112-8860006-7/1/1 24-Oct-2005 64EAY99 3004464256 Replizyme Ltd United Kingdom
XXX-0128700-3/1/1 11-Oct-2005 64GCP99 3003916517 Unipharma International, SA Guatemala
112-8852372-3/4/1 24-Oct-2005 64HBR99 3005385719 Laboratorios Apiarios Cabral Ltd Uruguay
110-2081610-8/1/1 13-Oct-2005 64LCS99 3005325366 Chaoyue Jiangsu Digital Co Ltd China
XXX-0127856-4/1/1/B 11-Oct-2005 64LDC50 3004873996 ASTA Medica Centroamericana S.A. Guatemala
XXX-0129503-0/1/1 19-Oct-2005 64LDK41 1000654629 Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV Belgium
112-8366784-8/1/2 25-Oct-2005 64LDY06 3000955768 Schering Plough Sa Exp Colombia
110-2387849-3/1/1 24-Oct-2005 64RBY18 3005347444 Maken Korea, Republic Of (South)
DO7-1076541-6/1/1 07-Oct-2005 64RCN22 3005212597 Nancy Zhao China
T86-0037048-0/1/1 04-Oct-2005 64RCS99 3003973799 Quimdis France
112-8773397-6/1/1 27-Oct-2005 64WAL99 3005375619 Bae International Malaysia
112-8783972-4/1/1 27-Oct-2005 64WAL99 3005377101 Bae Trading Malaysia
XXX-0126906-8/1/4 11-Oct-2005 64XDC06 3003279122 Sanofi Synthelabo De Colombia S.A. Colombia
XXX-0128380-4/1/5 11-Oct-2005 64XDC06 3005071654 Mintlab Co. S.A. Chile
XXX-0126889-6/1/1 11-Oct-2005 64XME11 1000249433 R.P. Scherer Gmbh Germany