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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 65-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-8563540-4/1/1 14-Dec-2005 65BBB01 1000432766 Hex Ag Germany
411-8153877-2/5/1 06-Dec-2005 65CDR99 1000530288 Sheth Brothers India
112-8290701-2/1/1 15-Dec-2005 65DAY06 3003647275 Prospec-Tany Techogene Ltd Israel
112-8255505-0/1/1 06-Dec-2005 65DCZ06 3005435899 Sinopep Pharmaceutical Inc. China
XXX-0135136-1/1/6 13-Dec-2005 65FCP03 3003916517 Unipharma International, SA Guatemala
110-3253380-8/1/1 27-Dec-2005 65FIK03 2000006429 SILVERHEALTH PRODUCTS INC Canada
411-8153877-2/9/4/A 06-Dec-2005 65GBJ99 3004356927 Hindustan Lever Ltd. India
112-6213512-1/3/1 05-Dec-2005 65JAJ31 3003878590 Cosmaceutical Research Lab Inc. Canada
300-2734736-5/1/1 08-Dec-2005 65JCH31 3002806821 MSD Organon BV Netherlands
XXX-0135101-5/1/5 28-Dec-2005 65JCP21 3004080855 Pharmacia NV/SA Belgium
XXX-0135101-5/1/6 28-Dec-2005 65JCP21 1000654629 Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV Belgium
112-8649120-4/2/1 10-Dec-2005 65JCP39 3005355723 Schering Plough Colombia
XXX-0135774-9/1/1 22-Dec-2005 65KCZ99 3005456981 Fred Lim MD United Kingdom
906-0426035-7/1/1/B 28-Dec-2005 65LBY11 3004102812 Adwin Korea Corp. Korea, Republic Of (South)
DO7-0100492-4/1/1 22-Dec-2005 65PCB02 3005440882 Ali Oumar Mahamat Cameroon
112-8270959-0/1/1 15-Dec-2005 65PCP02 3000260832 Farmaceutica Di S.Maria Novella Italy
XXX-0134407-7/1/4 13-Dec-2005 65QCA01 3000189692 Novartis Pharma Ag Switzerland
AEK-7072134-1/1/1 12-Dec-2005 65VCA15 3003304350 First Flight Courier United Arab Emirates
112-8649120-4/3/1 10-Dec-2005 65VCP99 3005355740 Harvest Inc United States
112-8118175-9/1/1 05-Dec-2005 65VDB40 3003411194 Tty Biopharm Co Taiwan
AEK-7078225-1/1/1 28-Dec-2005 65WCH99 3005444938 Tata Consultancy India