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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
JF7-0039006-1/2/1 01-Apr-2005 79DWG 3005046662 Quayum & Elahisons Ltd.
KM6-0021032-2/1/60 04-Apr-2005 28FGR04 3009980331 Shan Foods
AEK-7032237-1/1/1 07-Apr-2005 76JEP 3005016220 Maisam Industries
AEK-7019703-9/1/1 07-Apr-2005 86HRK 3004169654 Hag Universal Inds
AEK-7019703-9/1/2 07-Apr-2005 86HNR 3004169654 Hag Universal Inds
AEK-7019703-9/1/3 07-Apr-2005 86HNF 3004169654 Hag Universal Inds
AEK-7029394-5/2/1 07-Apr-2005 79GEN 3005021360 Fasmic International
T94-0038678-3/1/1 11-Apr-2005 77EQL 3004937208 New Waseem Trading
DK3-0732365-1/11/1 19-Apr-2005 37JCT03 3004676061 ROSSMOOR FOOD PRODUCTS
DK3-0732365-1/15/1 19-Apr-2005 66VAJ99 3003240705 Hanif Food Industries
DK3-0732365-1/16/1 19-Apr-2005 53FC02 3003240705 Hanif Food Industries
KU5-0108500-5/1/1 21-Apr-2005 79FSM 3005011829 Ameri-Tec, Inc.
DO7-0093637-3/1/1 25-Apr-2005 66VAE99 3005066948 Homeo Dr. Syed Riaz Ahmed
M85-0041698-6/1/1 27-Apr-2005 76EIS 3002769835 Sabokay Industries
AEK-7036677-4/1/1 27-Apr-2005 76JEX 3003882399 Wise Instruments Manufacturing Co.
G43-0068297-3/1/1 29-Apr-2005 85HCZ 3004708763 Yarsons
DK3-0732365-1/7/2 29-Apr-2005 21HGT14 3004276254 Munaf International