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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 20-Fruit/Fruit Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
K76-0470384-6/1/1 04-Apr-2005 20AFC01 3003512643 Solo Berries Sa De Cv Mexico
635-1034615-6/1/1 20-Apr-2005 20AFC01 3003845363 Solo Berries, Sa De Cv Mexico
144-5388016-5/1/1 29-Apr-2005 20AGD13 3004006111 Arlavan Chile
392-0091601-1/1/1 29-Apr-2005 20AHD14 3004332917 Fresas Jacona, S.P.R. De R.L. Mexico
699-2005187-2/1/1 28-Apr-2005 20BGH10 1000430005 Santa Minerva Mexico
178-0067851-2/1/1 18-Apr-2005 20BGH14 3004261805 Linyi Dalin Foodstuffs Co, Ltd China
084-1013124-0/36/1 18-Apr-2005 20CCT05 3003304249 Rosebud Preserves United Kingdom
084-1013124-0/32/1 18-Apr-2005 20CCT99 3003663205 Kitchen Garden Preserves United Kingdom
AEK-6525319-3/3/1 07-Apr-2005 20JMN99 3004799994 Dultimex S.A. De C.V. Mexico
G01-0187201-1/2/1 22-Apr-2005 20KCT05 2000002460 Salsas Castillo, S.A de C.V Mexico
016-1084918-2/3/1 21-Apr-2005 20QGH01 3004870749 Anyang Fengyu Trading Co Ltd China
DL8-0026012-7/8/1 18-Apr-2005 20RHT04 3000207799 Luigi Lazzaris & Figlio Srl Italy
AEK-6525319-3/4/4 07-Apr-2005 20RMN03 3004799994 Dultimex S.A. De C.V. Mexico
101-6793418-0/1/1 12-Apr-2005 20SEP03 3004303113 Anhui Fengyuan Dangshan Pear Industry Co., Ltd. China
AC1-7250384-2/1/1 12-Apr-2005 20SGO03 3004279130 Laiyang Tianfu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd. China
073-0080421-3/16/1 25-Apr-2005 20TCT04 1000451462 D. Vourderis & Co E.E. Industry O Greece
113-1761953-1/1/1 14-Apr-2005 20UEY01 3004299912 Sanmenxia Lakeside Fruit Juice Co., Ltd. China