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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
336-0510445-7/1/2 22-Apr-2005 60CBA10 3002807186 Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Canada
336-0510445-7/1/1 22-Apr-2005 60CBA10 3002807186 Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Canada
HK1-0148106-5/3/1 20-Apr-2005 60LAJ63 3004437377 Cheong Chun Tong Fty. Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR
XXX-0090248-7/1/2 28-Apr-2005 60LBA99 3004649031 Konfekcjonowano US Pharmacia SP Poland
AYG-1000494-8/60/1 13-Apr-2005 60LBJ99 3004819587 Eaststar Manufacturing India
112-6722456-6/1/1 28-Apr-2005 60LBY99 3005086344 Bambou Design Ltd Thailand
AEK-7033345-1/2/1 25-Apr-2005 60LDB99 3005050791 Rakesh Gupta India
AEK-7033998-7/3/1 25-Apr-2005 60LDR99 3005056756 Summer S Yono Iraq
316-0130174-5/1/1 18-Apr-2005 60LDZ65 3005831271 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries India
AEK-7031558-1/2/1 04-Apr-2005 60MDA99 3005037003 Asian Books Private India
002-6121375-5/1/1 05-Apr-2005 60QAO56 3003937902 Zhejiang Materials Chemical and Light Industry Co ltd China
UT4-0041130-2/6/1/B 05-Apr-2005 60QBJ56 3003339927 South America Import Ltda Brazil
077-0500503-6/5/1 20-Apr-2005 60QCS41 3002134046 Orgamol Switzerland
077-0500503-6/2/1 20-Apr-2005 60QCS70 3002134046 Orgamol Switzerland
XXX-0110527-0/1/1/A 12-Apr-2005 60WCL16 3003319427 Janssen Cilag Sa De Cv Mexico