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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Korea, Republic Of (South)

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
WRE-0326129-4/3/1 02-May-2005 29BET02 3004438267 Donga Otsuka Co Ltd
WRE-0326129-4/3/2 02-May-2005 29BET07 3004438267 Donga Otsuka Co Ltd
WRE-0326129-4/3/3 02-May-2005 29BET01 3004438267 Donga Otsuka Co Ltd
WRE-0326129-4/5/1 02-May-2005 25JGT07 3004076617 Bo Ryung Agriculture & Fishery
M98-0070866-8/1/1 05-May-2005 31AEE99 3002858394 Donsuh Foods
406-0362029-1/1/1 09-May-2005 16JGD01 1000268358 Changwoo Moolsan Company
U47-0437265-3/13/1 16-May-2005 03NGT03 3004421029 Haitai Confectionery & Foods Co., Ltd
DT7-0013676-5/1/1 19-May-2005 54IEE02 3004854117 Medix Korea
WNS-0250008-1/1/1 19-May-2005 29ACE99 3000280808 Dong Wha Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.
ABX-1000841-3/5/1 20-May-2005 25QHH99 3004208288 Jungkyo Foods Co., Ltd\
HE8-0067042-5/15/1 20-May-2005 02GGT03 3009872128 Durebang Foods Inc.
112-6858911-6/1/1 24-May-2005 79LXU 3005105187 Chung Wha Electronics Co
178-6004600-6/15/3 26-May-2005 16AET45 3004584450 Dongwon Food And Beverage Co Ltd
178-6004600-6/15/4 26-May-2005 16AET45 3004584450 Dongwon Food And Beverage Co Ltd
427-2179937-9/3/1 26-May-2005 04CGT07 3003985527 Okf Corporation
110-0991948-5/1/1/A 27-May-2005 63NCK04 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/B 27-May-2005 54CFK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/C 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/D 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/E 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/F 27-May-2005 60CCK23 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/G 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/H 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/I 27-May-2005 66VCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/J 27-May-2005 64RCK99 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/K 27-May-2005 64XCK07 1000460924 Ups/Kaf
110-0991948-5/1/1/L 27-May-2005 62CCK41 1000460924 Ups/Kaf