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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Poland

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
EQ5-0012241-9/3/1 02-May-2005 25NCT21 1000174352 Adamba Przedsiebiorstwo Zagraniczne
EQ5-0012241-9/4/1 02-May-2005 25NCT02 1000174352 Adamba Przedsiebiorstwo Zagraniczne
506-0812169-0/1/1 03-May-2005 66VIY99 3003506949 Polfa Sa
040-0094082-7/2/1 06-May-2005 79KGX 3004987057 Firma Handlowo
EK4-4504437-4/4/7 12-May-2005 33YDT99 3003237541 Przedsiebiorstwo Wyrobow Cukierniczych Odra S.A.
071-0155271-4/16/1 20-May-2005 25EHT02 3004272474 P.W. SMAK
071-0155271-4/17/1 20-May-2005 25EHT99 3004272474 P.W. SMAK
071-0155271-4/9/1 20-May-2005 24VCT08 3004272474 P.W. SMAK
DP4-0303615-6/9/3 23-May-2005 25JEE02 3003362719 Lowell International Polska Sp. Z.Oo
XXX-0115425-2/1/1 26-May-2005 79NRJ 3005113698 BIOMAK S.J.
XXX-0115425-2/1/2 26-May-2005 89LPQ 3005113698 BIOMAK S.J.
XXX-0115425-2/1/3 26-May-2005 89MBQ 3005113698 BIOMAK S.J.
XXX-0115425-2/1/4 26-May-2005 89IPF 3005113698 BIOMAK S.J.
E89-0149102-5/2/1 27-May-2005 24KCT50 3004469962 Agros Nova Sp Zoo
E89-0149102-5/3/1 27-May-2005 27BGT99 3004469962 Agros Nova Sp Zoo