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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-7038110-4/1/1 04-May-2005 62CAA99 3005089739 Wenkaz Marine Consultant Netherlands
AEK-6662487-1/1/1 04-May-2005 62CCA99 3005051913 Fr De Luzuriaga Philippines
112-6836145-8/3/2 24-May-2005 62CCA99 3004014654 Sanofi Synthelabo Philippines Philippines
110-0991948-5/1/1/L 27-May-2005 62CCK41 1000460924 Ups/Kaf Korea, Republic Of (South)
112-6432939-2/5/2 23-May-2005 62CCY65 3002771958 Astrazeneca U.K. Ltd. United Kingdom
112-6865700-4/1/1 12-May-2005 62CCY99 3002906944 Apotex Inc. Canada
112-6865700-4/1/2 12-May-2005 62CCY99 3002906944 Apotex Inc. Canada
112-6865700-4/2/1 12-May-2005 62CCY99 3005106389 E-Denk Pharmaceuticals Germany
112-6878797-5/2/1 17-May-2005 62CDA99 1000492263 Bristol Myers United States
112-6913178-5/1/1 26-May-2005 62CDA99 3002806761 Gedeon Richter Plc., Budapest Site Hungary
004-9685396-1/14/1/C 04-May-2005 62FBJ99 3003351294 G&M Australian Cosmetics Australia
112-6492795-5/1/1 26-May-2005 62GAJ99 2026154 Amgen, Inc. United States
004-9685396-1/14/1/A 04-May-2005 62GBJ99 3003351294 G&M Australian Cosmetics Australia
XXX-0112345-5/1/1 10-May-2005 62GBQ99 3005060983 Country Connections Canada
AEK-7033064-8/1/1 16-May-2005 62GCF99 3005048515 Hilton Yaounde Cameroon
AEK-7033064-8/1/2 16-May-2005 62GCO99 3005048515 Hilton Yaounde Cameroon
112-6513838-8/1/1 26-May-2005 62GCP18 3005029956 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited India
112-6513838-8/1/2 26-May-2005 62GCP18 3004378927 Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. India
523-0594448-1/1/1 18-May-2005 62GCS49 3002949085 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited CTO VI India
316-0131599-2/1/1 19-May-2005 62GCS99 3004053788 Kreative Organics (P) Ltd India
112-6447524-5/1/1 25-May-2005 62GCY99 3005045586 Margarita Castro Mexico
112-6864696-5/2/1 18-May-2005 62GDB18 3001910153 Novartis Pharmaceuticals United Kingdom
AEK-6664837-5/3/1 12-May-2005 62GDE99 3005085851 Nancy Manoloto Philippines
112-6835885-0/3/1 11-May-2005 62GDY49 3002923769 Roche Phils Philippines
AEK-6662980-5/1/1 03-May-2005 62IBE99 3005059671 Foyo Co Ltd China
112-6429078-4/1/1 10-May-2005 62ICP23 3001451800 C.G. Laboratories, Inc. United States
112-6478376-2/1/1 11-May-2005 62ICP99 3005050220 Laboratory Anway Colombia
AEK-7040729-7/1/1 16-May-2005 62JCA99 3005109267 Rachel Deri Israel
GE2-0009214-8/1/1 04-May-2005 62JCS09 3004779095 Qingdao Samin Chemical Co China
112-6053630-5/1/1 11-May-2005 62JDB15 3004987372 Mrs G Sloggett United Kingdom
112-6270888-6/1/5 05-May-2005 62KCA99 3005019872 Icn Farnacetica Mexico
AEK-7039083-2/1/1 04-May-2005 62KCE99 3004752053 Kur Apotheke Germany
112-6556491-4/2/1 31-May-2005 62KDA10 3005101222 Amriya Pharma S.R.L. Romania
112-6556491-4/2/2 31-May-2005 62KDA10 3005101240 Mepha - Investigacao, Desenvolvimento e Fabricacao Farmaceut Portugal
AEK-7023380-0/1/1 20-May-2005 62LCA99 3004975359 Dr Ramesh Kumarf India
110-5208267-6/1/1 09-May-2005 62MBJ09 3002449500 Laboratoire Du Var Canada
277-0107166-7/11/1 14-May-2005 62MBY01 1000611058 Hollywood Intercosmetic Thailand
112-6864696-5/1/1 18-May-2005 62MDO01 1000121232 Performance Health, Inc. United States
112-6835885-0/3/2 11-May-2005 62MDY99 3002923769 Roche Phils Philippines
112-6836145-8/3/1 24-May-2005 62OCA23 3005102131 23f Citybank Tower Philippines
AEK-6661420-3/2/1 03-May-2005 62OCA37 3005036416 Joe Familar Philippines
AEK-6661420-3/2/3 03-May-2005 62OCA44 3005036416 Joe Familar Philippines
AEK-7036874-7/2/1 02-May-2005 62OCS22 3002807078 GlaxoSmithKline United Kingdom
AEK-7036874-7/1/1 02-May-2005 62OCS22 3002807078 GlaxoSmithKline United Kingdom
AEK-7035048-9/2/1 19-May-2005 62OCS37 3000126720 Hetero Drugs Limited India
AEK-7036367-2/2/1 19-May-2005 62OIA41 3005075118 Therdose Pharma Pvt Ltd India
K80-0905594-9/7/1 03-May-2005 62PBA99 3004322895 National Exports Limited Fiji
AEK-7038110-4/2/1 04-May-2005 62QAA99 3005089739 Wenkaz Marine Consultant Netherlands
AEK-7038110-4/2/2 04-May-2005 62QAA99 3005089739 Wenkaz Marine Consultant Netherlands
AEK-7038110-4/2/3 04-May-2005 62QAA99 3005089739 Wenkaz Marine Consultant Netherlands
112-6850358-8/1/1 05-May-2005 62QDC07 3004568203 Norvatis Mexico
112-6491760-0/1/2 26-May-2005 62TCY02 3005052064 Laboratory Scnadinavia Pharm Colombia
112-6351568-6/1/1 06-May-2005 62TNS07 3001175316 Mrw/Interlock Express Spain
AEK-7040115-9/2/3 25-May-2005 62UAK99 3005104853 Yackson Paul France
AEK-7040115-9/2/2 25-May-2005 62UAK99 3005104853 Yackson Paul France
AEK-7040115-9/2/1 25-May-2005 62UAK99 3005104853 Yackson Paul France
112-6413331-5/2/1 06-May-2005 62UAL99 3005041095 Lissette Palanco Dominican Republic
AEK-7040115-9/2/4 25-May-2005 62UAM99 3005104853 Yackson Paul France
374-0014234-7/1/1 19-May-2005 62UBA99 1000170866 Ricola Ag Switzerland
112-6478413-3/1/1 24-May-2005 62UDL99 3005050221 Warner Lambert United Kingdom
605-2030481-1/1/1 03-May-2005 62WBY99 3003725684 Unilever Philippines, Inc. Philippines
110-0838389-9/3/1/C 12-May-2005 62WDY99 3004513358 Godiva Inc Philippines
231-7036203-4/1/1 27-May-2005 62ZCZ03 3005059163 Pharmacia Corporation United States