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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
208-0603320-3/1/1 05-May-2005 86HKO 3001362763 Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Germany
AEK-6547012-8/1/1 12-May-2005 86HPA 2433128 Marchon Eyewear Aka Mrcln Usa United States
112-6528159-2/1/1 31-May-2005 86HQG 3005057335 Tigers Vision Pty Ltd Australia
112-6271956-0/1/1 04-May-2005 86HQY 3005020774 Oak Lawn Marketing Inc Japan
112-6772369-0/1/1 12-May-2005 86HQY 3005093139 Black Flys United States
WYT-0511767-0/1/1 18-May-2005 86HQY 3004611290 Scorpio Distributors United Kingdom
112-6340668-8/1/1 04-May-2005 86HQZ 3005030334 Swiss Engine Shop Switzerland
112-6340668-8/1/2 04-May-2005 86HQZ 3005030334 Swiss Engine Shop Switzerland
112-6296367-1/1/1 05-May-2005 86HQZ 3004457228 Amadeus Srl Italy
112-6340363-6/1/1 06-May-2005 86HQZ 3004155006 Trimax Express Ser India
AEK-6526163-4/1/1 12-May-2005 86HQZ 3005032768 Premiere Vision United States
310-9583094-4/1/1 04-May-2005 86KYH 3005113581 Tlc Laser Eye Center United States
112-6284101-8/1/1/A 26-May-2005 86LPL 3002807254 Ultravision International Ltd. United Kingdom
112-6284101-8/1/1/B 26-May-2005 86LPL 3002397676 CL- Tinters Finland
112-6298668-0/1/1 06-May-2005 86LPM 3004769241 Monitor Company Germany
112-6489272-0/1/1 25-May-2005 86NJH 3004149262 Negocios Generales De Mensaje Mexico