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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
E84-0037891-3/11/1 01-Aug-2005 02BFT01 3003438054 Nabisco Royal, Inc
E84-0037891-3/13/1 01-Aug-2005 02BFT01 3003438054 Nabisco Royal, Inc
112-7558852-3/1/1 03-Aug-2005 60RDF99 3005206310 Aventis
XXX-0110893-6/1/2 05-Aug-2005 60LBA01 3003059576 Lancasco, S. A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/7 05-Aug-2005 62GDA90 3004121489 Laboratorios Donavan Werke AGSA Int'l
XXX-0110893-6/1/9 05-Aug-2005 63RBY04 1000326121 Colgate Palmolive
XXX-0110893-6/1/10 05-Aug-2005 61WCA47 3003897622 Laboratorios Laprin, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/11 05-Aug-2005 61WCO47 3003897622 Laboratorios Laprin, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/12 05-Aug-2005 60LCA01 3004579170 Industria Farmaceutica, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/13 05-Aug-2005 62UBK11 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0110893-6/1/14 05-Aug-2005 60LBY05 3003277889 Bayer Socledad Anonima
XXX-0110893-6/1/17 05-Aug-2005 60LBY05 3003277889 Bayer Socledad Anonima
XXX-0110893-6/1/18 05-Aug-2005 60LBY05 3003277889 Bayer Socledad Anonima
XXX-0110893-6/1/20 05-Aug-2005 61XCA09 3004566963 Pharmakon S.A. Division Brijan
XXX-0110893-6/1/22 05-Aug-2005 60SAZ14 3004101643 Laboratorios Thomae Sucs. Ltda
XXX-0110893-6/1/23 05-Aug-2005 60LCK99 3004364173 Aventis Pharma Sa
XXX-0110893-6/1/24 05-Aug-2005 60LCA99 3004364173 Aventis Pharma Sa
XXX-0110893-6/1/25 05-Aug-2005 60BBA10 3003256551 Farmamedica, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/26 05-Aug-2005 62UDK11 3004161285 Laboratorios Farkot, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/29 05-Aug-2005 66EBK99 3003059576 Lancasco, S. A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/30 05-Aug-2005 66VBK99 3004161285 Laboratorios Farkot, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/34 05-Aug-2005 60LAA05 3003277889 Bayer Socledad Anonima
XXX-0110893-6/1/36 05-Aug-2005 60WCA16 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0110893-6/1/38 05-Aug-2005 61HCA99 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0110893-6/1/40 05-Aug-2005 62GCA18 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0110893-6/1/41 05-Aug-2005 56BCH03 3003897622 Laboratorios Laprin, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/43 05-Aug-2005 64XBJ03 3005038236 Cuatro Rosas, S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/44 05-Aug-2005 60LBJ99 3002826891 Industrias Bioquimicas
XXX-0110893-6/1/48 05-Aug-2005 62GAR99 3004581869 La boratorios Unido S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/49 05-Aug-2005 61MAR11 3004581869 La boratorios Unido S.A.
XXX-0110893-6/1/50 05-Aug-2005 61MAR11 3004118726 Laboratories Sante
ALL-0030938-5/1/1 09-Aug-2005 24AFB51 3003225748 Agricola Tierra Nueva S.A.
WIG-2033881-8/1/1 09-Aug-2005 24AWC51 3004254699 AGROALTOS,S.A.
JK8-0110316-4/9/1 11-Aug-2005 25EGT99 3002997445 Gamon Industry
HM2-0007449-4/1/1 16-Aug-2005 24AFB14 3004277446 Agro Exportadora El Caman, S.A.
JK8-0110222-4/4/1 16-Aug-2005 30YGE99 3003314477 Productos Alimentios Centroamericanos, S.A.
FQ7-0011938-8/1/1 19-Aug-2005 24AFC51 3004284987 Bellcas Exportando, S.A.
H67-1246750-4/1/1 21-Aug-2005 24AFB14 3004521262 Exportadora E Importadora Monte Sion
XXX-0124221-4/1/1 25-Aug-2005 60RDB19 3004121489 Laboratorios Donavan Werke AGSA Int'l
XXX-0124230-5/1/1 25-Aug-2005 66VDK99 3003897622 Laboratorios Laprin, S.A.
XXX-0124699-1/1/300 29-Aug-2005 61MCF24 3002826891 Industrias Bioquimicas
ALL-0031077-1/1/1 31-Aug-2005 24AFB51 1000507887 Det Pon Import Export aka Pierre Eugenio Det Casprowitz