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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Korea, Republic Of (South)

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
597-0136370-3/14/1 01-Sep-2005 04CGH08 3004273640 BAEKJE FOOD CO., LTD.
BGL-0401022-9/1/1 02-Sep-2005 16AGH04 3002666003 Samheung Trade Co.
TW2-0009223-1/1/1 07-Sep-2005 94V07 3003982315 Toshiba Korea
TW2-0009223-1/2/1 07-Sep-2005 94V07 3003982315 Toshiba Korea
657-1002261-0/2/1 07-Sep-2005 16AGT56 3004897323 Boryung Agriculture & Fishery Co.
HE8-0069114-0/1/5 07-Sep-2005 16MGN03 3002650009 Jeong Hwa Foods Co., Ltd.
ABX-1000934-6/3/3 09-Sep-2005 33EGT06 3004248434 Lotte Confectionery Co., Ltd.
W92-0086991-0/16/1 09-Sep-2005 16EEE99 3003747679 Shin Hyo Sung Agricultural Co.,Ltd
K64-5002217-8/4/1 09-Sep-2005 16AEE73 3002808658 Yangpo Foods Co.,Ltd.
K64-5002217-8/4/2 09-Sep-2005 16AEE73 3002808658 Yangpo Foods Co.,Ltd.
AEK-6816222-7/1/1 20-Sep-2005 86LPL 3005288444 Young Ah Hyun
U94-0018486-4/1/1 28-Sep-2005 80FRL 3005029034 Ion Farms Ltd
AYU-1005191-8/7/1 28-Sep-2005 89LYG 3005130407 Kwang Myung Trading
AYU-1005191-8/8/1 28-Sep-2005 95U19 3005130407 Kwang Myung Trading
AYU-1005191-8/11/1 28-Sep-2005 89ITG 3005130407 Kwang Myung Trading
U47-0438566-3/2/1 30-Sep-2005 16AEE73 1000366617 Dongrim Foods Co., Ltd.