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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-7078568-4/1/1 03-Jan-2006 66MCA75 3005447366 Hassan Raza Leghari
AEK-7609566-6/1/1 06-Jan-2006 76EMG 3002802903 Stone Instruments Company
AEK-7609566-6/1/2 06-Jan-2006 78FHQ 3002802903 Stone Instruments Company
AEK-7609566-6/1/3 06-Jan-2006 79LRW 3002802903 Stone Instruments Company
BAA-0109395-9/1/2 09-Jan-2006 28EGH99 3004256172 National Foods
110-3225906-5/1/1 12-Jan-2006 87HRR 3003450686 Imran Brothers Instruments
110-3225906-5/1/2 12-Jan-2006 79HTD 3003450686 Imran Brothers Instruments
110-3225906-5/1/3 12-Jan-2006 76EIG 3003450686 Imran Brothers Instruments
E10-0110379-8/14/1 13-Jan-2006 28FGT99 3009980331 Shan Foods
AEK-7078972-8/1/2 17-Jan-2006 61JCB08 3005453291 Alan Zeb
AEK-7078972-8/2/1 17-Jan-2006 60LCB01 3005453291 Alan Zeb
AEK-7078972-8/3/1 17-Jan-2006 61PCB55 3005453291 Alan Zeb
AEK-7078972-8/1/1 17-Jan-2006 60XCB17 3005453291 Alan Zeb
AEK-7084123-0/2/1 18-Jan-2006 76EIG 3002558296 M.A. Pak Surgico
WUG-0131302-1/1/1 23-Jan-2006 29BET99 3003994659 Mehran Bottlers
334-5132929-7/12/1 30-Jan-2006 24FCI08 3010121455 Ahmed Foods Pvt. Ltd
300-4620058-7/5/2 30-Jan-2006 25ECE99 3004286275 AHMED IMPORT EXPORT HOUSE
300-4620058-7/3/2 30-Jan-2006 21SCI05 3004286275 AHMED IMPORT EXPORT HOUSE