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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 61-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
110-6308817-7/1/1 20-Nov-2006 61FCA55 3005957654 Beatriz Guadarrama Mexico
EG6-1179348-0/1/1 02-Nov-2006 61HAL99 3003502689 Prodene Klint France
110-6308817-7/1/2 20-Nov-2006 61HDA03 3005957654 Beatriz Guadarrama Mexico
AEK-7138832-2/1/1 17-Nov-2006 61HJY99 3003869373 Ayurvet Limited India
032-0349708-0/1/1 06-Nov-2006 61IIJ99 3004932646 Aurolab Aravind Eye Hospital India
112-3763603-2/1/1 06-Nov-2006 61JCB08 3004415761 S Pharmaceuticals Inc United States
112-3682827-5/1/2 06-Nov-2006 61JCY14 3005959125 Monica Ferraz Brazil
110-6145746-5/1/1 02-Nov-2006 61JIY08 3002871440 Pfizer S A De Cv Mexico
AEK-7140511-8/1/1 03-Nov-2006 61JSI09 3005729756 European Dictorate For The Quality Of Medicines France
XXX-0149023-5/1/1 01-Nov-2006 61LCY34 3008435677 Unknown United Kingdom
112-3763603-2/2/1 06-Nov-2006 61LDB38 3004457057 Sanofi Winthrop Industrie France
110-6171460-0/1/1 02-Nov-2006 61MAA40 3005933955 Ta Yuan Cogeneration Co Taiwan
112-3571547-3/1/1 07-Nov-2006 61NAB76 3002807086 GlaxoSmithKline Inc. Canada
DO7-0110545-7/1/1 21-Nov-2006 61NCB99 3005939555 Dr Timir Shah India
XXX-0148916-1/1/1 01-Nov-2006 61NCY60 3001056209 unknown India
112-4044152-9/1/1 30-Nov-2006 61NDY83 1000349060 Lundbeck As Denmark
112-3763603-2/2/3 06-Nov-2006 61PCP99 3004055168 Les Laboratories Servier Industrie France
XXX-0246149-0/1/10 28-Nov-2006 61WCY04 3003827376 Laboratorios Andifar Honduras
XXX-0149067-2/1/1 08-Nov-2006 61WCY47 3001056209 unknown India
AEK-7295365-2/2/1 28-Nov-2006 61XAL99 3005967802 Dr. Taffi Srl Germany
XXX-0149012-8/1/1 02-Nov-2006 61XCY04 3004791273 Nivedita Chemicals P lTd India
112-3453448-7/2/1 08-Nov-2006 61XDK42 3005931828 Yu Teh Co Lted Taiwan