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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Taiwan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BXE-0000679-9/1/1/A 01-Dec-2006 62GBJ99 3004680223 Taiwan Three Mast Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
BXE-0000679-9/1/1/B 01-Dec-2006 79KGX 3004680223 Taiwan Three Mast Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
J34-0050043-8/5/1 04-Dec-2006 31PEE99 3002682344 Wu Chung Eatables Factory Co. Ltd. Nan Tou Factory
BGK-0023263-8/5/1/B 06-Dec-2006 53YY99 1000598376 Long King Printing
BMY-3004623-1/1/1 06-Dec-2006 25PCP99 3004326835 TA FANNG SOY SAUCE INC.
349-0880151-6/4/1 06-Dec-2006 21UGT99 3005831435 Risingsun Wide Food Corp
660-0170411-4/2/1 07-Dec-2006 79FSY 3002772487 Rolence Enterprise Inc.
595-4220600-4/1/1 08-Dec-2006 16AGD58 3000983527 Shining Dove Enterprise Co., Ltd
BEN-0071728-2/2/1 11-Dec-2006 60QIK67 3004069985 Bella Co. Ltd.
MD8-1011468-4/1/1 12-Dec-2006 55RP55 3003598505 Taiwan Biotech Company Limited
112-3738783-4/1/1 15-Dec-2006 76NYF 3005964413 Bio Tech One Inc
J34-0050634-4/1/1 15-Dec-2006 24TGT03 3002809286 Master Sauce Co., Ltd.
J34-0050634-4/2/1 15-Dec-2006 24TGT32 3002809286 Master Sauce Co., Ltd.
XXX-0149314-8/1/1 18-Dec-2006 84GZJ 3000323421 Takale Enterprise Co., Ltd.
349-0883435-0/1/33 18-Dec-2006 54FAW99 3003802483 Sheng Chun Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.
406-0391917-2/1/1 21-Dec-2006 94RBB 3002603220 Panasonic Computer (Taiwan) Co. Ltd.