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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-3796457-4/2/1 13-Dec-2006 79DTH 3005970048 Valerie Mir United Kingdom
AEK-7148786-8/1/5 18-Dec-2006 79EPY 3005571349 Medical Tools Pakistan
660-0170411-4/2/1 07-Dec-2006 79FSY 3002772487 Rolence Enterprise Inc. Taiwan
AEK-7148786-8/1/3 18-Dec-2006 79GDZ 3005571349 Medical Tools Pakistan
110-6598970-3/1/1 11-Dec-2006 79GED 3005993533 Bsc Inc Hong Kong SAR
AEK-7148786-8/1/4 18-Dec-2006 79GES 3005571349 Medical Tools Pakistan
112-3878123-3/1/1 04-Dec-2006 79GEX 1000120578 Cynosure, Inc. United States
554-3570396-6/1/1 26-Dec-2006 79GEX 3005786527 Shenzhen Laser And Rick Technology Co Ltd China
BXE-0000679-9/1/1/B 01-Dec-2006 79KGX 3004680223 Taiwan Three Mast Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. Taiwan
FR1-0011649-5/1/1 11-Dec-2006 79KGX 3000247873 Nipro Corporation Japan
112-3796457-4/1/1 13-Dec-2006 79KGZ 3005970048 Valerie Mir United Kingdom
112-3851081-4/1/1 04-Dec-2006 79LRR 3005976428 Leki Aviation Ltd United Kingdom
112-3975238-1/1/1 05-Dec-2006 79LRR 3001554717 Execaire Inc. Canada
943-9010933-1/1/1 14-Dec-2006 79LRR 3004070006 Honour Mailing And Printing Ltd Hong Kong SAR
112-4306021-9/1/1 18-Dec-2006 79LRR 3005433052 Majetic Aerotech United States
U94-0020076-9/11/1 27-Dec-2006 79LRS 3003188519 Jintan City Jianerkang Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. China
112-4128522-2/1/1 22-Dec-2006 79MFI 3004882334 B Braun Germany
315-8154254-0/6/1 21-Dec-2006 79MUU 3005322529 Hissin Medizintechnik Gmbh Germany