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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Colombia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-0469045-9/1/1/A 04-Mar-2006 62CDL41 3005582261 Laboratories Pharmaderm
112-0469045-9/1/1/B 04-Mar-2006 64UCA06 3005582261 Laboratories Pharmaderm
AWB-0005514-9/2/1 06-Mar-2006 89LBF 3005472545 Fajas Sejet E Hidrofash Internacional Ltda
112-0553628-9/1/1/A 08-Mar-2006 66VCP99 3005429024 Lab Best S A
112-0553628-9/1/1/B 09-Mar-2006 78GBM 3010 Meditec S.A.
D97-0358643-5/1/1 13-Mar-2006 16XGT05 3002836778 Truchas Belmira
AZO-0041022-9/3/1 15-Mar-2006 37JYT99 3005470054 C.I.D'Mi Tierra Ltda
XXX-0141464-9/1/1 20-Mar-2006 54BGE07 3005590248 Deisy Torres
XXX-0141464-9/1/2 20-Mar-2006 54AGL02 3005590335 Laboratorios Farpag Ltda.
XXX-0141464-9/1/3 20-Mar-2006 66VDL99 3004187918 Genfar Sa
XXX-0141464-9/1/4 20-Mar-2006 61TDL02 3004443672 Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Stelar
900-0045980-1/2/1 28-Mar-2006 09DHE15 3002858271 Alpina Products Alimenticios S.A.
900-0045980-1/2/2 28-Mar-2006 09DHE15 3002858271 Alpina Products Alimenticios S.A.
FE7-0002887-4/2/1 28-Mar-2006 12AYC56 3003672192 Cooperativa Colanta Ltda.