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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
MQ9-0095383-6/1/1 01-Mar-2006 33EGT99 3004391613 Ismail Industries Limited
MQ9-0095383-6/1/2 01-Mar-2006 33EGT99 3005152907 King's Foods (PVT.) LTD
MQ9-0095383-6/5/1 01-Mar-2006 33UFT02 3005152907 King's Foods (PVT.) LTD
AEK-7082950-8/1/1 06-Mar-2006 79GAD 3005135347 Dr. Sirj Surgical
AEK-7082950-8/1/2 06-Mar-2006 79GEN 3005135347 Dr. Sirj Surgical
BQT-0209965-1/2/1 08-Mar-2006 28BFH15 3004256172 National Foods
BQT-0209965-1/2/2 08-Mar-2006 28BFH15 3004256172 National Foods
BQT-0209965-1/7/15 08-Mar-2006 28JGH99 3004256172 National Foods
BQT-0209965-1/15/1 08-Mar-2006 20JCT06 3004256172 National Foods
BQT-0209965-1/11/1 08-Mar-2006 27YCT01 3004256172 National Foods
BQT-0209965-1/10/1 08-Mar-2006 27YCT01 3004256172 National Foods
BMT-0009830-8/58/1 10-Mar-2006 28BGH15 3009980331 Shan Foods
AEK-7086616-1/1/1 13-Mar-2006 79GDZ 3004154379 Adam's Aid Corporation
AEK-6043624-9/1/1 14-Mar-2006 76EJF 3429 Medisporex (Pvt.) Ltd.
XXX-0138200-2/2/1 15-Mar-2006 79GFA 3003481805 Welmed Instruments Company
G33-0141162-2/9/1 16-Mar-2006 33EGT07 3004855500 H.M. Traders
AEK-7091827-7/1/1 16-Mar-2006 63VBO99 3005082425 True Herbals
D40-0266763-0/1/4 29-Mar-2006 79EMF 3274 Acme Surgical Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
AEK-7091833-5/1/1 30-Mar-2006 63VBO99 3005082425 True Herbals