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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BQT-0210878-3/15/11 11-Apr-2006 25FCI99 3004333180 CONVENIENCE FOOD INDUSTRIES(PVT)LTD
AEK-7095977-6/2/1 12-Apr-2006 65PAA99 3005601945 Medics Laboratories
AEK-7095977-6/6/1 12-Apr-2006 65PAL99 3005601945 Medics Laboratories
AEK-7095977-6/5/1 12-Apr-2006 62UAL99 3005601945 Medics Laboratories
AEK-7095977-6/4/1 12-Apr-2006 60SAL99 3005601945 Medics Laboratories
AEK-7095977-6/3/2 12-Apr-2006 65SAJ99 3005601945 Medics Laboratories
531-0249853-1/3/1 13-Apr-2006 02DGT07 3004309424 Mehran Spice And Food Industries
FY4-0040392-6/1/1 14-Apr-2006 85HCZ 3002807418 K T Surgico (PVT) Ltd.
110-4167059-1/1/1 17-Apr-2006 79HTE 3004784004 Sobytek Instruments Company
110-4167059-1/1/2 17-Apr-2006 78FDY 3004784004 Sobytek Instruments Company
KM6-0025846-1/5/1 17-Apr-2006 28BGT15 3004256172 National Foods
082-0285994-1/1/1 20-Apr-2006 16JGT05 1000277070 Coastal Seafoods
AEK-6130374-5/1/1 21-Apr-2006 76EMG 3002802903 Stone Instruments Company
XXX-0132873-2/1/3 21-Apr-2006 66YAR99 3005405464 Lateef Unani Pharmacy
110-4379824-2/1/1 24-Apr-2006 79HTD 3005353020 Mts Brothers Surgical Instruments
MQ9-0097066-5/13/3 26-Apr-2006 24BGT09 3004333180 CONVENIENCE FOOD INDUSTRIES(PVT)LTD
MQ9-0097066-5/13/4 26-Apr-2006 24BGT09 3004333180 CONVENIENCE FOOD INDUSTRIES(PVT)LTD
XXX-0144802-7/1/3 27-Apr-2006 53CY03 3005652286 A. Q. & Company
XXX-0144802-7/1/4 27-Apr-2006 50NYY18 3005652286 A. Q. & Company
AEK-7103226-8/1/1 27-Apr-2006 79HTD 3005135347 Dr. Sirj Surgical
AEK-7103226-8/1/2 27-Apr-2006 79HTC 3005135347 Dr. Sirj Surgical