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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Ghana

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0146931-2/1/1 19-May-2006 16SGH99 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/2 19-May-2006 16SGH99 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/3 19-May-2006 16SGH99 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/4 19-May-2006 02DGY99 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/5 19-May-2006 28BGY54 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/6 19-May-2006 32CCY01 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/7 19-May-2006 33EGT13 3005699820 Grace Ansah
XXX-0146931-2/1/15 19-May-2006 68IBL20 3003777260 UNKNOWN
XXX-0146931-2/1/16 19-May-2006 68IBL20 3002494649 Alafia Bitters
M34-0093990-6/7/1 23-May-2006 16AVT45 3005421468 Adasama Ltd
M34-0093990-6/8/1 23-May-2006 09CVT03 3005421468 Adasama Ltd
M34-0093990-6/9/1 23-May-2006 25SGT99 3005421468 Adasama Ltd
M34-0093990-6/10/1 23-May-2006 26AGT05 3005421468 Adasama Ltd
M34-0093990-6/13/1/A 23-May-2006 53LC99 3005421468 Adasama Ltd
XXX-0146036-0/1/1 24-May-2006 56BCY07 3003688205 M & G Pharmaceuticals LTD.
XXX-0146036-0/1/2 24-May-2006 66YCY99 3005676679 Glaxo Smith Kline
XXX-0146036-0/1/3 24-May-2006 66YCL99 3003777260 UNKNOWN
XXX-0146036-0/1/5 24-May-2006 66VBL99 3003654225 Cadbury Ghana Ltd
XXX-0146036-0/1/6 24-May-2006 66VCS99 3005677464 Dr. Fritz Bode Gmbh
XXX-0146036-0/1/7 24-May-2006 66VCS99 3005282686 CAPITAL 02 ( NATURAL HEALTH SHOP )
XXX-0146036-0/1/8 24-May-2006 66VCS99 3005677529 Kwaku Oteng
XXX-0146036-0/1/9 24-May-2006 66VCS99 3005048894 Kama Industries
XXX-0146036-0/1/4 24-May-2006 66VBL99 3003106118 Yonkers Enterprises