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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 56-Antibiotics (Human/Animal)

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-2823100-9/2/1 29-Aug-2006 56BCF03 3005147411 Glaxosmith Kline Mexico
411-8319971-4/4/1 14-Aug-2006 56BCS51 3002807345 Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical, Ltd. China
112-1650369-0/1/1 29-Aug-2006 56BDA03 3003597306 Glaxosmithkline Mexico, S.A. De C.V. Mexico
D99-0098436-7/2/1 10-Aug-2006 56DYO21 3002808866 Vet Pharma Friesoythe GmbH Germany
823-0116964-3/1/1 18-Aug-2006 56EBK81 1719513 Medtech Products, Inc. United States
112-2672423-7/2/1 31-Aug-2006 56ICA76 3002114834 Pfizer Propriety Limited Australia
110-5406685-1/1/1 23-Aug-2006 56JCK99 3005826179 Kuehne Nagel De Mexico
AEK-6704984-7/2/2 31-Aug-2006 56JCL20 3005825929 Ramos, Anna Philippines
110-5609374-7/2/2 29-Aug-2006 56JIS22 3003186052 Xenex Labs Canada
916-1529489-8/1/1 04-Aug-2006 56OCP01 3003164454 Janssen - Cilag Spa. Italy
DO7-0107392-9/1/1 09-Aug-2006 56YAR99 3005616128 Molekula Ltd United Kingdom
AEK-6704984-7/1/1 31-Aug-2006 56YCA99 3005825929 Ramos, Anna Philippines
112-2514823-0/1/2 18-Aug-2006 56YCE99 3003615524 Glaxo Smith Kline India