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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
823-0117883-4/1/1 20-Sep-2006 60CAL10 3004440557 Bristol Myers Squibb Company United States
336-2835993-0/1/2 22-Sep-2006 60CCS04 3001175063 Boehringer Ingelheim Backmittel Gmbh Germany
110-9373369-9/1/1 01-Sep-2006 60CCS09 3004149463 Divi's Laboratories Ltd. (Unit II) India
101-7058563-1/1/1 22-Sep-2006 60CCS32 3002806556 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG Germany
DO7-0109247-3/1/1 28-Sep-2006 60DIR99 3005616128 Molekula Ltd United Kingdom
AEK-7132495-4/1/1 20-Sep-2006 60DNB99 3003657679 Beijing Keyifeng Biotech Development Co., Ltd. China
823-0117746-3/1/1/A 20-Sep-2006 60LAE01 2510184 Mcneil Consumer Healthcare, Div Of Mcneil-ppc, Inc. United States
112-3133194-5/1/1 29-Sep-2006 60LAJ99 3005894168 Icn Switzerland Ag Switzerland
112-3283774-2/1/1 29-Sep-2006 60LAP99 3004013761 Boehringer Ingelheim France
112-3283774-2/1/2 29-Sep-2006 60LAP99 3003708763 Laboratoires Biorga France
F23-0965065-3/1/1 22-Sep-2006 60LAS05 3005841498 Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Div United States
110-0953739-1/1/1 22-Sep-2006 60LAY99 3003834002 Teh Seng Pharmaceutical Mfg. Co., Ltd. Taiwan
110-5706860-7/1/1 20-Sep-2006 60LCA83 3003147661 Muthu Pharmacy India
XXX-0148480-8/1/1 26-Sep-2006 60LCA85 3002808032 Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH Germany
110-5735285-2/1/1 22-Sep-2006 60LCA88 3003147661 Muthu Pharmacy India
823-0117746-3/1/1/B 20-Sep-2006 60LCL01 2510184 Mcneil Consumer Healthcare, Div Of Mcneil-ppc, Inc. United States
112-2957316-9/5/1 01-Sep-2006 60LCP01 3005873357 Rational Labs Pvt Ltd India
112-3092762-8/1/1 29-Sep-2006 60LCP99 3006736885 Glaxosmithkline United Kingdom
EI5-5074831-9/2/1 25-Sep-2006 60LDX99 1640794 Creative Fragrances, Ltd United States
609-0303924-0/1/1 14-Sep-2006 60LQS69 3004369203 Proto Chemicals AG Switzerland
AEK-7130744-7/1/1 19-Sep-2006 60PBE99 3005873986 Margaret Sweeney Netherlands
BII-0004373-7/1/1 08-Sep-2006 60QCR40 3005241236 Jai Radhe Sales India
AM4-0149022-3/1/2 11-Sep-2006 60SA99 3003947319 Cactulife, S.A. De C.V. Mexico
AEK-7126691-6/2/1 01-Sep-2006 60SAN14 3005656135 SPI Pharma, Inc. (India Development Center) India
185-0049872-2/18/1 15-Sep-2006 60SBR99 3004283646 Anil & Company India
110-5736418-8/1/1 25-Sep-2006 60SCA27 3003147661 Muthu Pharmacy India
185-0049622-1/38/1 15-Sep-2006 60SML99 3003244915 TTK Healthcare Limited India
110-5558576-8/1/1 14-Sep-2006 60WCC16 1000660841 Nestle Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Queretaro Mexico
AEK-7124797-3/5/1 05-Sep-2006 60XCA02 3005828290 Niksun India Pvt India
112-2957316-9/7/1 01-Sep-2006 60XCP17 3004452413 Remedica Ltd Cyprus