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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-7124797-3/4/1 05-Sep-2006 64BCA27 3005828290 Niksun India Pvt India
G76-0082873-3/2/1 08-Sep-2006 64EDK99 3005267917 Tkt Europe Sweden
647-0044891-9/1/1 19-Sep-2006 64HAS02 2000011080 SHAIRLY PHARMACHEM PVT,LTD India
DP4-0370450-6/1/1 28-Sep-2006 64HDY99 3004626157 Dieg International Trading Egypt
110-5762556-2/1/1 28-Sep-2006 64LDA08 3005882375 Basant Exports India
AEK-7132821-1/1/2 29-Sep-2006 64RCP99 3003756089 Runge Pharma Germany
AEK-7132821-1/1/3 29-Sep-2006 64RCP99 3003756089 Runge Pharma Germany
AEK-7132821-1/1/1 29-Sep-2006 64RCP99 3003756089 Runge Pharma Germany
AEK-7128304-4/1/1 21-Sep-2006 64RDS22 3005515143 Tongbao Pharmaceuticals, Inc. China
110-5707759-0/1/1 20-Sep-2006 64UCA06 3003147661 Muthu Pharmacy India
XXX-0148680-3/1/1 19-Sep-2006 64UCY06 3001595816 UNKNOWN France
XXX-0148642-3/1/1 28-Sep-2006 64UDA03 3001056209 unknown India
112-2635969-5/2/1 06-Sep-2006 64UDC06 3005838414 Merch Sharp & Dohmem Philippines
334-1641662-7/1/1 19-Sep-2006 64VAR01 3004201705 Purolite S.R.L. Romania