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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-4600145-9/1/1 16-Jan-2007 62CCY99 3004364172 Les Laboratoires Services France
112-4600145-9/3/1 16-Jan-2007 62CCY99 3001645453 Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Canada
112-4646755-1/4/1 17-Jan-2007 62FCL47 3005969028 Speedbird Egypt
BPS-0102331-7/15/1/B 24-Jan-2007 62FDL99 3007094293 Stalder Laboratiories Philippines
BPS-0102331-7/15/1/C 24-Jan-2007 62FDL99 3007094293 Stalder Laboratiories Philippines
BPS-0102331-7/15/1/D 24-Jan-2007 62FDL99 3007094293 Stalder Laboratiories Philippines
BGK-0915510-3/3/1 30-Jan-2007 62FPJ23 3005193978 Easy Motion Horse Products Inc. Canada
XXX-0149825-3/1/3 05-Jan-2007 62GAY49 3001595816 UNKNOWN France
551-8715920-1/3/1 04-Jan-2007 62GBO18 3002583778 Novartis Consumer Health S.A. Switzerland
112-4781078-3/1/1 31-Jan-2007 62GCB99 3002958920 Merck Frosst Canada Canada
XXX-0149825-3/1/2 05-Jan-2007 62GCY41 3001595816 UNKNOWN France
WBA-1010472-6/1/1 05-Jan-2007 62ICA72 1000639838 Roche Lab United States
WBA-1010472-6/1/2 05-Jan-2007 62ICA72 1000639838 Roche Lab United States
WBA-1010472-6/2/1 05-Jan-2007 62ICP99 3003596612 Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC United States
EE3-1156131-4/1/1 05-Jan-2007 62LCK47 3007971797 Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical Co Ltd China
G26-8005779-0/1/1 03-Jan-2007 62MAS08 3003921276 Seema International India
112-4552880-9/1/1 18-Jan-2007 62OBB05 3004464238 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited India
AEK-7152177-3/1/2 05-Jan-2007 62OCA20 3006035032 Nwankwo E Onyebuch Nigeria
AEK-7156366-8/2/1 31-Jan-2007 62OCB41 3006064743 Subasini Perera Sri Lanka
AEK-7156142-3/1/2 17-Jan-2007 62ODA14 3006064146 Warwick Pharmacy United Kingdom
XXX-0246391-8/1/2 11-Jan-2007 62ODB13 3005403909 Abbott Laboratories de Mexico S.A. de C.U. Mexico
M21-0734689-4/1/1 08-Jan-2007 62ODZ12 3005144955 Chemo S.A. Lugano Branch Switzerland
112-4844137-2/1/1 31-Jan-2007 62OIY24 1519257 Ben Venue Laboratories Inc United States
112-4692018-7/1/1 18-Jan-2007 62VCB45 3004733700 Roche Consumer Health United States
DO7-8701515-8/1/1 23-Jan-2007 62VCB99 3006067048 Postnet Kyalami South Africa
110-6913306-8/1/1 12-Jan-2007 62VDK31 3002695895 Merck & Co., Inc. United States
T94-0044136-4/1/1 22-Jan-2007 62WBL17 3002677386 Inversiones & Negocios S.A. Dominican Republic
112-4712380-7/2/1 23-Jan-2007 62YLA07 3003621956 United Laboratories Inc Philippines