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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 34-Choc/Cocoa Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-8223565-6/2/1 01-Oct-2007 34BCY99 3006051319 Cyclone International Ireland
112-8272157-2/1/1 02-Oct-2007 34BYT99 1000207176 Confiserie Spruengli AG Switzerland
TZ8-0114595-2/1/1 11-Oct-2007 34CGT01 3004273871 Pik Takovo Serbia
BYX-0002771-8/10/1 18-Oct-2007 34CGT02 3004306171 Mazapan De la Rosa S.A. de C.V. Mexico
TZ8-0114595-2/6/1 11-Oct-2007 34EGT04 3005432298 Droga Kolinska dooel Skopje Macedonia
112-8357205-7/1/1 18-Oct-2007 34FFE99 3006401544 A La Reine Astrid Sarl France
336-4590122-7/2/1 22-Oct-2007 34FFT01 1000562229 Kraft Canada Inc. Canada
EI5-1732256-2/4/1 30-Oct-2007 34FFT01 3002495108 Nestle Canada, Inc. Canada
EI5-1732256-2/5/1 30-Oct-2007 34FFT01 3001275826 Icon International Canada
112-8488770-2/1/1 15-Oct-2007 34FFT02 3003920447 Chocolat Schoenenberger Ag Switzerland
164-0194331-7/1/1 24-Oct-2007 34FGT01 3005343432 Abo Draa Est. Lebanon
164-0194331-7/1/4 24-Oct-2007 34FGT01 3005249569 Sc Nestle Romania Srl Romania
164-0194331-7/1/3 24-Oct-2007 34FGT03 2000008157 Mars Egypt for Manufacturing Egypt
M76-3681744-8/11/1 23-Oct-2007 34FGT04 1000181865 Cavendish & Harvey Germany Gmbh & Co Germany
300-2221781-2/7/1 17-Oct-2007 34HET99 3004523576 Shanghai Ab Foods And Beverages Ltd China
WIG-2044128-1/6/1 30-Oct-2007 34YFT99 3006361974 LA PREFERIDA Honduras