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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-8826283-7/1/1 05-Nov-2007 79GDI 3006500947 Arca Medica Germany
112-8820425-0/1/1 07-Nov-2007 79GEX 3006524914 Centre Biotechnique Avance United States
AEK-7212943-6/1/1 09-Nov-2007 79HTD 3002802903 Stone Instruments Company Pakistan
AEK-7210878-6/1/2 13-Nov-2007 79HTD 3006490109 Jfu Industries Pakistan
AD3-0310081-3/1/1 19-Nov-2007 79HTD 3004172970 Manner Products Pakistan
112-6714565-6/3/1 13-Nov-2007 79HXD 3004517608 Fabrique D'Linstruments France
FR1-0012036-4/1/1 19-Nov-2007 79KGO 3000980306 Beijing Reagent Latex Products Co., Ltd. China
FR1-0012049-7/1/1 28-Nov-2007 79KGO 3000980306 Beijing Reagent Latex Products Co., Ltd. China
AEK-7210878-6/1/1 13-Nov-2007 79LRW 3006490109 Jfu Industries Pakistan
K51-0062949-9/1/1 26-Nov-2007 79MRD 3002807918 Poly Implant Protheses, S.A. France
112-0084146-1/1/1 20-Nov-2007 79NRJ 3004983300 Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd China
AEK-7693603-4/1/1 27-Nov-2007 79NRJ 3004573646 Shenzhen Welon Furniture Enterprises Ltd China