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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Colombia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
BFV-0139993-0/14/1 09-Feb-2007 37JCO02 3005541051 Unilever Andina Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0139993-0/15/1 09-Feb-2007 37JCO05 3005541051 Unilever Andina Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0139993-0/16/1 09-Feb-2007 27YCO06 3005541051 Unilever Andina Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0139993-0/16/2 09-Feb-2007 27YCO06 3005541051 Unilever Andina Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0139993-0/19/1 09-Feb-2007 27ADO02 3005541051 Unilever Andina Colombia Ltda.
BFV-0139993-0/21/1 09-Feb-2007 28CCN44 2000010996 Sabor del Campo
112-4119285-7/1/1 09-Feb-2007 53LC02 3004643587 Unidad
112-4332525-7/1/1 09-Feb-2007 54FCK99 3006031257 Natural Freshry Instituto Farmac
112-4332525-7/1/2 09-Feb-2007 54FCK99 3006031256 Laboratory De Faraco Logra Veget
XXX-0201090-9/1/3 13-Feb-2007 61WCH45 1000387641 Techoquimicas S.A.
112-5052008-9/1/1 14-Feb-2007 60LCB99 3006112876 Laboratory Sunthesis Bogota
AX9-1309368-2/6/1/B 15-Feb-2007 33LGT02 3008437395 Alpina Productos Alimenticios S.a
AX9-1309368-2/8/1/B 15-Feb-2007 34FGT04 3004526978 Frito Lay Colombia
AX9-1309368-2/8/1/D 15-Feb-2007 34FGT06 3005964099 Comestibles La Rosa S.A.
AX9-1309368-2/11/1 15-Feb-2007 07ADT06 3004526978 Frito Lay Colombia
AX9-1309368-2/13/1 15-Feb-2007 07BDT06 3004526978 Frito Lay Colombia
AX9-1309368-2/14/1 15-Feb-2007 07ADT02 3004526978 Frito Lay Colombia
AX9-1309368-2/15/1/A 15-Feb-2007 33ADT99 3004526978 Frito Lay Colombia
AX9-1309368-2/15/1/B 15-Feb-2007 02HFT02 3005964211 B. Altman & Cia S. en C.
XXX-0200742-6/1/2 16-Feb-2007 66VBJ99 3005061042 Productos Medicados Cherie De Colombia
WTB-0561396-9/1/1 22-Feb-2007 53LC06 3005603360 Ci Premier Ltda