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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
630-0078518-6/3/1 20-Mar-2007 86HKF 3004453504 Shanghai Cheer China
AEK-6095452-2/1/1 22-Mar-2007 86HKP 1000117172 MOOG Medical Devices Group United States
630-0078518-6/4/1 20-Mar-2007 86HLI 3004453504 Shanghai Cheer China
112-5246675-2/1/1 01-Mar-2007 86HQD 3006132994 Alberto Landa Garcia United States
ES3-3004258-2/2/1 22-Mar-2007 86HQG 3003268108 Thames Co., Ltd. Taiwan
112-5307096-7/1/1/F 08-Mar-2007 86HQL 3002957101 Aurolab India
946-0230600-6/1/1 20-Mar-2007 86HQL 3005058978 Bio-Tech Vision Care Pvt India
BJZ-0203457-4/5/1 20-Mar-2007 86HQY 3005806043 Mega Time Limited Hong Kong SAR
ES3-3004258-2/1/1 22-Mar-2007 86HQY 3003268108 Thames Co., Ltd. Taiwan
630-0078518-6/2/1 20-Mar-2007 86HQZ 3004453504 Shanghai Cheer China
AEK-6099917-0/1/1 22-Mar-2007 86KYG 1000117172 MOOG Medical Devices Group United States
946-0231122-0/1/1 20-Mar-2007 86LZP 3003505610 Rafi Systems Ltd Abedin Tower Bangladesh
112-5307096-7/1/1/A 08-Mar-2007 86NCE 3002957101 Aurolab India