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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-7169760-7/2/4 02-Apr-2007 62CCA65 3006167758 Eudora Mingel Ghana
M21-0735533-3/1/1 19-Apr-2007 62FAA34 3006228590 Research Pharmaceutical Limited Hong Kong SAR
U72-0512214-7/8/1 16-Apr-2007 62FAO99 3006176101 Davis Laboratories Guatemala
N90-0533145-5/15/1 24-Apr-2007 62FAX08 3004228729 Septichem Denmark
N90-0533145-5/24/1 24-Apr-2007 62FCZ14 1000373958 S D Chemical Ltd United Kingdom
N90-0533145-5/52/1 24-Apr-2007 62FCZ14 1000373958 S D Chemical Ltd United Kingdom
N90-0533145-5/34/1 24-Apr-2007 62FDK34 3003286988 Laboratorio Farmacologico Milanese Italy
N90-0533145-5/58/1 24-Apr-2007 62FDK34 3003286988 Laboratorio Farmacologico Milanese Italy
N90-0533145-5/46/1 24-Apr-2007 62FDL08 3004228729 Septichem Denmark
N90-0533145-5/3/1 24-Apr-2007 62FDL08 3004228729 Septichem Denmark
AEK-7172514-3/2/2 17-Apr-2007 62GAQ99 3006188131 Nuzbrokh S.Y. Ukraine
112-5956258-7/1/1 26-Apr-2007 62GAY46 1000659372 Pacific Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
110-7856896-5/1/3 11-Apr-2007 62GCA18 3006131516 Serpaprosa/Aeroflash Mexico
AEK-7168903-4/1/1 02-Apr-2007 62GCM18 3006160533 Sonora Cameroon
110-7803213-7/1/2 12-Apr-2007 62GDA50 3003502861 Productos Roche S.A. de C. V. Mexico
112-5731113-6/1/2 13-Apr-2007 62GDC99 1000557995 Cipla Limited India
G76-0085975-3/2/1 12-Apr-2007 62HIZ02 3005954193 Parexel International Pesquisas Brazil
G76-0085995-1/2/1 13-Apr-2007 62HIZ02 3006152729 Parexel International Holding Bv Chile
G76-0086018-1/2/1 13-Apr-2007 62HIZ02 3006156565 Infinite Clinical Research S.A. Mexico
XXX-0280183-6/1/2 10-Apr-2007 62JCA01 3001671822 UNKNOWN New Zealand
M21-0735549-9/2/1 24-Apr-2007 62KAE10 3004850451 Wendt-Chemie Vertriebsges Mbh & Co. Germany
110-7797402-4/1/2 09-Apr-2007 62KCA11 3004627383 Jc Logistics Sa De Cv Mexico
112-5731113-6/1/1 13-Apr-2007 62KCE10 3004464238 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited India
T94-0045564-6/1/1 27-Apr-2007 62KIY10 3006194839 Rashmi Pharma Pvt Ltd India
N90-0533145-5/28/1 24-Apr-2007 62LCA40 3003286989 Nova Argentia Italy
N90-0533145-5/54/1 24-Apr-2007 62LCA40 3003286989 Nova Argentia Italy
BTC-0060470-1/47/1/J 06-Apr-2007 62LCA47 3000998582 Schering Plough S.A. Brazil
N90-0533145-5/36/1 24-Apr-2007 62LCK37 3003916564 Laboratoire Renaudin France
110-8141145-0/1/2 18-Apr-2007 62LDA17 3005071770 Novartis Pharma Ltd. China
110-8167278-8/1/2 30-Apr-2007 62MBK09 3005612160 Interwood Ltd United Kingdom
AEK-7169760-7/1/1 02-Apr-2007 62OCA14 3006167758 Eudora Mingel Ghana
110-7967596-7/1/1 20-Apr-2007 62OCA29 3003851213 Laboratorios Rowe Dominican Republic
XXX-0150058-7/1/2 02-Apr-2007 62OCB24 1000625225 Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Co Egypt
XXX-0150058-7/1/5 02-Apr-2007 62OCB27 3004904453 Pfizer Egypt S.A.E. Egypt
112-5953409-9/2/3 26-Apr-2007 62ODB34 1000640928 Cadila Pharmaceuticals India
112-5953409-9/2/2 26-Apr-2007 62ODB44 3003699941 Cipla Ltd India
112-5107658-6/1/1 05-Apr-2007 62OIY28 1000168130 Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited United Kingdom
AEK-7889145-0/1/1 20-Apr-2007 62RJA11 3006190823 Ledesma, Marie Philippines
101-7376289-8/5/14 11-Apr-2007 62SIJ99 3005353382 Wonder Products India
BKV-1001407-3/9/2 28-Apr-2007 62UAY99 3004266432 Macat Group Foodstuff Corp.,Ltd. China
WX8-4913164-3/11/1 19-Apr-2007 62UBL99 3010098874 Alopecil Corporation, S.R.L. Dominican Republic
336-8013148-2/5/1 26-Apr-2007 62VCJ99 3002807586 3M Health Care, Ltd. United Kingdom
XXX-0150723-6/1/1 27-Apr-2007 62VCY45 3003468833 Unknown Moldova
AEK-7169759-9/2/1 02-Apr-2007 62WBJ09 3006167728 Erm India Pvt India
WIG-8012918-0/2/1 27-Apr-2007 62WBJ99 3006013583 Gmc International Ltd Hong Kong SAR
144-9912336-4/1/1 25-Apr-2007 62WBY17 3005644657 Y M Trading International Canada
110-8167278-8/1/1 30-Apr-2007 62WBY99 3005612160 Interwood Ltd United Kingdom
144-5366026-0/1/3 09-Apr-2007 62WCL99 3006147048 Cedip Sam Italy
N90-0533145-5/62/1 24-Apr-2007 62WCO09 3009853808 Beltapharm SPA Subsidary of Strides Arcolab International Italy
112-5153354-5/1/1 13-Apr-2007 62YCY07 3004579646 Boehringer Ingelhe Italy