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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 12-Cheese/Cheese Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
K80-0930695-3/3/1 11-May-2007 12AEE05 3004002158 Kraft Foods Ltd Australia
WUG-0137968-3/2/5 10-May-2007 12AET11 3004256158 Haldiram Exports (Pvt) Limited India
389-0051711-1/1/4 18-May-2007 12AFP52 3005267911 Mi Froma France S.A. France
J50-0085768-8/5/1 07-May-2007 12AGC99 3005246881 Norma Emerita Martinez El Salvador
406-0399166-8/3/12 18-May-2007 12AGO56 3002944711 Etablissements Curtet Et Fils France
DP4-0392281-9/2/1 01-May-2007 12AGP52 3004610411 Agricola Alma Ltd. Chile
281-0104083-1/1/1 09-May-2007 12AGP52 3005423453 Gubbeen farmhouse Ireland
004-4644461-4/13/1 10-May-2007 12AGP56 3004938694 Fromagerie du Pays de Bray SAS France
H41-1216289-0/6/3 08-May-2007 12AMP19 3004388347 Fromagerie Beillevaire France
H79-1590559-7/3/1 07-May-2007 12AYY99 3004510979 Siprosuloe S.R.L. Italy
WIG-2041994-9/1/1 31-May-2007 12BGO13 2000021346 Rosquillas & Panaderia Honduras
WIG-2041994-9/1/2 31-May-2007 12BGO13 2000021346 Rosquillas & Panaderia Honduras
WIG-2042267-9/1/1 31-May-2007 12BGO13 2000021346 Rosquillas & Panaderia Honduras
WIG-2042267-9/3/1 31-May-2007 12BGO13 2000021346 Rosquillas & Panaderia Honduras
966-0216391-5/2/1 22-May-2007 12CGH13 3005058775 Productos Lacteos Ochoa S.A. de C.V Mexico
966-0216395-6/2/1 22-May-2007 12CGH13 3004468805 Exportadora De Productos La Mexicana Sa De Cv Mexico
DP4-0394329-4/1/1 07-May-2007 12CGP15 3004676932 La Carlota del Monte Harteneck Guillermo y Blay Lilia S.H. Argentina
004-4644461-4/24/1 10-May-2007 12CGP15 3004004016 Cooperative Laiterie de la Sevre France
389-0053183-1/1/19 18-May-2007 12CGP15 3003474184 Triballat Riams France
918-0449769-0/1/3 29-May-2007 12CVE13 3003603615 Lacteos Del Norte, S. A. De C.V. Mexico