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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 80-General Hospital/Personal Use

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
T94-0046031-5/8/1 23-Aug-2007 80BYY 3005327291 Shanghai Neo-Medical Import & Export Co., Ltd. China
112-7293892-1/3/1 29-Aug-2007 80BYY 1824619 Centurion Medical Products Corporation United States
BQL-0012713-2/22/1 20-Aug-2007 80FLK 3005918755 Globus, Ooo Russia
310-1202533-0/1/1 22-Aug-2007 80FMI 3006387422 Smiths Medical China
MH9-0626411-3/2/1 06-Aug-2007 80FMZ 3003307657 Ningbo David Medical Device Co.,Ltd China
EQ4-0007869-5/2/1 17-Aug-2007 80FNL 1000282279 Foshan R. Poon Medical Products Co., Ltd. China
T94-0046031-5/7/3 23-Aug-2007 80FOZ 3005327291 Shanghai Neo-Medical Import & Export Co., Ltd. China
112-7415317-2/1/1 21-Aug-2007 80FRL 3005007557 Korea Mok Cho Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
AEK-7702175-2/1/1 20-Aug-2007 80FRN 3005737560 Medfurbish United States
AZW-0036858-3/2/1 10-Aug-2007 80KMI 3007222337 BAIWANG MANUFACTURING PLANT, SHENZHEN MINDRAY China
110-9037972-2/1/1 03-Aug-2007 80KZH 3004207698 Mail Pak Mexico
110-9122869-6/1/1 13-Aug-2007 80KZH 3006293121 Mensajeria Y Empaques Saavel, S.A. Mexico
EQ6-0006557-5/1/1 07-Aug-2007 80LDQ 5833 EPPENDORF AG Germany
610-2198292-3/1/1 22-Aug-2007 80LDQ 3003510251 Arkray Global Business Inc Japan
D52-0922914-0/1/1 14-Aug-2007 80LYY 3860 Quality Latex Corp. Sdn Bhd Malaysia
112-6473724-0/1/1 21-Aug-2007 80LYZ 3005060582 Zibo Sinocare Plastic Products Co., Ltd. China
E41-0054218-9/1/1 24-Aug-2007 80LYZ 3004167063 Zibo Borui Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd. China
FR1-0011912-7/3/2 07-Aug-2007 80MEB 3000247873 Nipro Corporation Japan
FR1-0011912-7/2/1 07-Aug-2007 80MIA 3000247873 Nipro Corporation Japan
BFI-0005017-5/16/1 02-Aug-2007 80MMP 3005791310 Creative Promotional Products Hong Kong SAR