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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Thailand

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
EG6-1366783-1/4/1 04-Sep-2007 21SFH14 3006385988 A.I. Producce Co Ltd
K64-5013922-0/2/4 05-Sep-2007 16XGT21 1000311317 Fortune Frozen Foods (Thailand) Company Ltd.
704-0422051-2/5/1 05-Sep-2007 16AYY45 3006420542 Min Thien
704-0422051-2/6/1 05-Sep-2007 16JYY05 3006420542 Min Thien
655-1385759-3/1/1 07-Sep-2007 16AGD82 2000007274 Chonrasin Chanchai Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
082-0296624-1/4/1 11-Sep-2007 16EGT05 3003656505 Kingfisher Holding Limited
406-0401392-6/1/1 12-Sep-2007 16XGT21 3005017292 Thai Union Frozen Products Public
880-0064199-8/3/1 12-Sep-2007 20CVE16 3004248958 A S World Trading Ltd., Part
880-0064511-4/2/2 12-Sep-2007 03AGN99 3002809249 Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd.
WDA-0018946-9/1/1 14-Sep-2007 24KCP08 3001048979 Green Giant Co Ltd
928-0039388-3/1/1 17-Sep-2007 22BGN01 1000140681 Great Food (Dehydration) Co Ltd
417-0244671-1/18/1 20-Sep-2007 53IC01 1000299860 Colgate Palmolive Ltd
961-0041644-3/9/20 21-Sep-2007 30JGT02 3005277544 Kraft Foods (Thailand) Ltd.
277-0114312-8/3/1 25-Sep-2007 13GGT02 3003139701 Globo Foods Ltd.
277-0114312-8/5/1 25-Sep-2007 13GGT02 3003139701 Globo Foods Ltd.
BDQ-3035077-3/1/1/A 28-Sep-2007 21NGT04 3002516272 A.P. Frozen Foods Co Ltd
BDQ-3035077-3/1/1/B 28-Sep-2007 21NGT04 3002516272 A.P. Frozen Foods Co Ltd