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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Honduras

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
HG8-0112971-6/3/1/A 08-Jan-2008 20SET01 3006540085 Impex Rembert
HG8-0112971-6/3/1/B 08-Jan-2008 40EET10 3006540085 Impex Rembert
HG8-0112971-6/3/1/C 08-Jan-2008 21VET07 3006540085 Impex Rembert
BFV-0152243-2/1/1 15-Jan-2008 12YGP99 3006535276 Industrias De Lacteos Jutiquile
HG8-0113920-2/1/1 15-Jan-2008 29BCT07 3001267567 Cerveceria Hondurena, S.A.
HG8-0113920-2/1/2 15-Jan-2008 29BCT08 3001267567 Cerveceria Hondurena, S.A.
BFV-0152961-9/1/1 18-Jan-2008 09AGT99 3006578179 El Sembrador
JF7-0058472-1/4/1 25-Jan-2008 27YCT06 3006424346 Inversiones Mike's S.A de C.V
XXX-0248712-3/1/1 25-Jan-2008 56BDF03 3005512248 Pharmaetica Labs
XXX-0248712-3/1/2 25-Jan-2008 66VDR99 3005512248 Pharmaetica Labs
XXX-0248712-3/1/3 25-Jan-2008 66VDC99 3005512248 Pharmaetica Labs
BOZ-0006239-4/1/1 29-Jan-2008 12AGT99 3006641831 Carlos Campos
BOZ-0006239-4/2/1 29-Jan-2008 03AGT99 3006641831 Carlos Campos
BOZ-0006239-4/3/1 29-Jan-2008 16WGT99 3006641831 Carlos Campos
BOZ-0006239-4/5/1 29-Jan-2008 03TGT99 3006641831 Carlos Campos
BOZ-0006239-4/6/1 29-Jan-2008 02BGT02 3006641831 Carlos Campos