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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
336-8079045-1/1/1 17-Jan-2008 60ECS01 3004870616 Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. China
336-8079040-2/1/1 17-Jan-2008 60ECS01 3004870616 Shanghai Record Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. China
906-0647296-8/1/1 11-Jan-2008 60KAS03 3004097933 Shanghai Jiubang Chemical Co. Ltd. China
110-1319174-3/1/2 14-Jan-2008 60LAA01 3006601372 Paulina Bautista Mexico
310-1301455-6/1/1 02-Jan-2008 60LAE99 3010118561 Advanced Orthomolecular Research Canada
112-0832796-8/5/1 22-Jan-2008 60LBJ99 3003613970 Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Ltd. Hong Kong SAR
XXX-0153177-2/1/1 22-Jan-2008 60LCB99 562 Hartington Chemical United Kingdom
110-1355302-5/1/7 18-Jan-2008 60LCL01 3005889999 Pakmail Valle De Bravo Mexico
112-7842860-4/1/1 14-Jan-2008 60LCY01 3006421028 Shrimiwas Homoeo Medicals India
112-0509945-3/1/1 02-Jan-2008 60LDB14 3006583766 Novartis India Ltd India
112-7497792-7/1/1 09-Jan-2008 60LIS69 3003951081 Astral Pharm India
WUB-0993394-0/2/1 15-Jan-2008 60LJS05 3005139325 JQC (Huayin) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China
112-0617360-4/1/1 10-Jan-2008 60LPB05 3001804387 Vita Health Products Inc. Canada
110-7573286-9/15/1 03-Jan-2008 60QBJ56 3003629010 Eau Zone Huiles Et Fragrances Ltee Canada
112-8328783-9/1/1 28-Jan-2008 60QCK40 2917293 Genentech, Inc. United States
112-0248059-9/1/1 03-Jan-2008 60SCH21 3000958475 Janssen Pharmaceutical Canada
112-0966250-4/1/1 30-Jan-2008 60WOA16 3004622445 Janssen Pharmaceutica Philippines