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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
420-0838700-5/21/1 02-Oct-2008 64BAY99 3005889592 H.M. Traders
AEK-9128069-9/2/1 03-Oct-2008 76EKI 3007055806 Aaaz Instruments
AEK-9128069-9/3/1 03-Oct-2008 76EFK 3007055806 Aaaz Instruments
AEK-9128069-9/3/2 03-Oct-2008 79GAA 3007055806 Aaaz Instruments
AEK-9130219-6/1/1 03-Oct-2008 76EFL 3007073017 Dh Enterprises
AEK-9130219-6/1/2 03-Oct-2008 79HTD 3007073017 Dh Enterprises
AD3-0319180-4/1/1 06-Oct-2008 87HRR 1000600382 Aemco Z.E. (PVT) Ltd.
AD3-0319127-5/1/1 06-Oct-2008 79HTD 1000600382 Aemco Z.E. (PVT) Ltd.
UPS-2410166-7/1/4 14-Oct-2008 79FZT 3003340857 Mua Ortho Dentics Supply
AEK-9977916-3/1/1 16-Oct-2008 79LRW 3004168759 CENTRAL SURGICAL CO. PVT. LTD.
C13-0040411-3/2/5 16-Oct-2008 02DEE07 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040411-3/2/11 16-Oct-2008 37BEE99 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040411-3/2/12 16-Oct-2008 24TEE25 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040411-3/2/13 16-Oct-2008 24TEE25 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040412-1/2/6 20-Oct-2008 36AHN02 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040412-1/2/8 20-Oct-2008 24TEE25 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040412-1/2/9 20-Oct-2008 37BEE99 3004844422 Commerce Internations
C13-0040412-1/2/10 20-Oct-2008 24TEE25 3004844422 Commerce Internations
AEK-9131701-2/1/1 20-Oct-2008 79HTF 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/2 20-Oct-2008 76EMJ 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/3 20-Oct-2008 76NDP 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/4 20-Oct-2008 79FZO 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/5 20-Oct-2008 77KCP 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/6 20-Oct-2008 76NDP 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/7 20-Oct-2008 79GDZ 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/8 20-Oct-2008 76EMI 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/9 20-Oct-2008 76EMN 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/10 20-Oct-2008 79FSM 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/11 20-Oct-2008 76EMN 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/12 20-Oct-2008 76EGN 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/13 20-Oct-2008 76EIG 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/14 20-Oct-2008 77JZF 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/15 20-Oct-2008 76EHK 3007086614 Dentech
AEK-9131701-2/1/16 20-Oct-2008 76EMG 3007086614 Dentech
WUG-0142157-6/1/60 27-Oct-2008 28AGT56 3009980331 Shan Foods
WUG-0142157-6/1/61 27-Oct-2008 23KGT99 3009980331 Shan Foods