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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
EB5-0041183-1/3/1 29-Oct-2008 60CAS02 3005056751 Shaanxi Maxsun Trading Co. Ltd. China
EB5-0041183-1/3/2 29-Oct-2008 60CCS22 3005056751 Shaanxi Maxsun Trading Co. Ltd. China
336-6727715-9/1/1 27-Oct-2008 60CIY04 3002895705 Sigma Aldrich Japan Kk Japan
224-2719299-6/2/1 26-Oct-2008 60GBY99 1000421090 Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Japan
112-4564905-1/1/2 10-Oct-2008 60LAB05 3004428382 Aventis Bulk Italy
AEK-6729760-2/1/1 20-Oct-2008 60LAL99 3006363870 Wilsons Pharmact United Kingdom
112-4946507-4/1/2 27-Oct-2008 60LAY01 3008094605 Lloyd Laboratories Inc. Philippines
XXX-0149700-8/1/1 06-Oct-2008 60LBA01 3003724366 GlaxoSmithKline Panama S.A. Panama
112-4551897-5/5/2 09-Oct-2008 60LCP99 3006702599 Liguanea Lane Phar Jamaica
EI5-5125061-2/8/1/C 23-Oct-2008 60LPL07 3002088298 Univet Canada
112-4604508-5/1/1 10-Oct-2008 60MIS24 3003620101 Alpha Pty Australia
WMV-0373417-6/1/1 14-Oct-2008 60QAS70 3006718741 Jintan Tianhua Chemical New Technology Institute China
112-4551897-5/4/3 09-Oct-2008 60SCP22 3005072567 Apotex Inc. Canada
GN2-3035892-3/1/1 07-Oct-2008 60SDR21 3002093078 Vasudha Pharma Chem Limited India
595-4380061-5/1/1 29-Oct-2008 60SDZ26 3002807700 Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. China
EI5-5125061-2/8/1/B 23-Oct-2008 60SPR99 3002088298 Univet Canada
M21-0738444-0/1/1 14-Oct-2008 60WCA01 3006094247 Research Pharmaceutical Co Ltd China