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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Thailand

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
277-0118249-8/10/1 03-Nov-2008 03JHT06 3004208742 eastern Food Co., Ltd.
277-0118976-6/11/1 03-Nov-2008 21THT05 3010238421 Worapond Fruit and Food Processing
J34-0056350-1/1/1 04-Nov-2008 21VGT14 3002818315 V.R. Foods Co., Ltd.
112-4872976-9/1/1 12-Nov-2008 79FTY 3006683329 Grand Marketing Co Ltd
D52-0929471-4/2/1 15-Nov-2008 24UGH99 3002363237 Jin Jin Marketing co.,ltd
880-0070620-5/7/1 18-Nov-2008 28BHT08 1000193429 Combine Thai Foods Co Ltd
BUQ-0406346-9/13/1 20-Nov-2008 03FGT07 3006670173 Blue Spice Co., Ltd.
417-0252292-5/5/1 24-Nov-2008 16XGD42 3004277883 I.T. FOODS INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.
406-0406181-8/1/1 25-Nov-2008 16XGT21 1000473106 THAI UNION FROZEN PRODUCTS PUBULIC CO., LTD
417-0253539-8/3/1 28-Nov-2008 03FGT07 1000152211 Friendship Co Ltd
417-0253539-8/3/2 28-Nov-2008 03FGT07 1000152211 Friendship Co Ltd
417-0253539-8/5/1 28-Nov-2008 16YCE12 3003424783 Tang Thia Chiang Fish Sauce Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
417-0252292-5/6/1 28-Nov-2008 04YGT04 3004277883 I.T. FOODS INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.