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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for United States

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-4635208-5/1/1 03-Nov-2008 86HQZ 3005350911 Gucci America Inc
UPS-2962532-2/1/1 05-Nov-2008 54YCT99 3006560455 Goliath Labs Inc
112-4933339-7/1/1 06-Nov-2008 79LFL 3001451800 C.G. Laboratories, Inc.
112-4933339-7/1/2 06-Nov-2008 79LFL 3001451800 C.G. Laboratories, Inc.
112-4933339-7/2/1 06-Nov-2008 79GAG 3001451800 C.G. Laboratories, Inc.
UPS-1047767-1/1/1 12-Nov-2008 71GYY02 3004452013 Archer Dainels Midland
905-0912808-9/1/1 14-Nov-2008 34HGE02 2082405 International Coffee & Tea Inc
551-7733577-0/1/1 18-Nov-2008 70MY20 1032939 Corn Products Company
XXX-0157722-1/2/1 20-Nov-2008 62UBL11 3004800367 NOR ORIENTE HERMANOS EXPRSS
M76-8813261-3/1/1 21-Nov-2008 80KMJ 3007188359 Nycomed
DM9-8011240-1/1/1 21-Nov-2008 80KYZ 3006316319 Medrad Inc
UPS-0520558-1/1/1/A 21-Nov-2008 80KMJ 3005259090 Vigel
UPS-0520558-1/1/1/B 21-Nov-2008 80KMJ 3005259090 Vigel
E84-0058192-0/1/1 25-Nov-2008 78FDF 1000080301 Pentax Medical Company
E84-0058192-0/1/2 25-Nov-2008 78FDS 1000080301 Pentax Medical Company
FY6-2007740-1/1/1 26-Nov-2008 75CGA 2939301 Lifescan Inc