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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Hong Kong SAR

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
UT4-0080660-0/11/1 01-Dec-2008 54EYT06 3001907808 Hang Wo Trading Co.
UT4-0080660-0/12/1 01-Dec-2008 25QGH99 3001907808 Hang Wo Trading Co.
406-0424077-6/1/1 02-Dec-2008 95RFW 3005124466 Panasonic Logistics (Hong Kong)
NS1-0004812-4/1/1 02-Dec-2008 80MIA 3003719535 Texmed Inc
UPS-3052292-2/1/1 05-Dec-2008 66BAS44 3007214663 Topway Cargo Co Ltd
UPS-0157918-5/3/1/A 09-Dec-2008 86LPM 3007249469 Create Eyewear
UPS-0157918-5/3/1/B 09-Dec-2008 86LPM 3007249469 Create Eyewear
406-0422912-6/1/1 10-Dec-2008 95RFW 3005124466 Panasonic Logistics (Hong Kong)
406-0424570-0/1/1 12-Dec-2008 95L31 3005124466 Panasonic Logistics (Hong Kong)
N16-1039652-8/23/1 15-Dec-2008 77JZE 1000439612 Siu Woo Co.
406-0424802-7/1/1 19-Dec-2008 95RDV 3005124466 Panasonic Logistics (Hong Kong)
UPS-3202143-6/1/1 22-Dec-2008 68XYY99 3007176797 Jetpost International Ltd - E
UPS-3121227-5/1/1 22-Dec-2008 86LPM 3007233009 Aspiration International
AEK-9732888-0/1/1 23-Dec-2008 54ACY13 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/2/1 23-Dec-2008 53LY03 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/2/2 23-Dec-2008 53LD03 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/2/3 23-Dec-2008 53EY07 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/2/4 23-Dec-2008 53LC06 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/3/1 23-Dec-2008 53EY06 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/4/1 23-Dec-2008 53EY99 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/6/1 23-Dec-2008 53LF99 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/10/1 23-Dec-2008 89ISA 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
AEK-9732888-0/11/1 23-Dec-2008 89LYG 3007277849 Md Cliniceuticals
UPS-3358759-1/1/1 29-Dec-2008 86MVN 3007249469 Create Eyewear
UPS-0157918-5/3/1/C 29-Dec-2008 86LPM 3007249469 Create Eyewear