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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 25-Vegetables/Vegetable Products

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
906-0827211-9/72/1 01-Dec-2008 25ECE02 3007116266 Hak Belgie B.V., Giessen, Holland Netherlands
AFJ-0040312-6/18/9 09-Dec-2008 25EEE99 2000035943 Tiger Brands South Africa
AFJ-0040277-1/89/1 09-Dec-2008 25HET99 3008055005 H J Heinz Co Ltd United Kingdom
AFJ-0040384-5/23/1 10-Dec-2008 25JCT25 3008055005 H J Heinz Co Ltd United Kingdom
AD7-2810032-3/1/1 01-Dec-2008 25JEE24 3004251713 Laiwu Wenyuan Food-Stuff Co., Ltd China
BKV-1003316-4/18/1 01-Dec-2008 25JGP14 3004266432 Macat Group Foodstuff Corp.,Ltd. China
KM6-0039329-2/6/1 08-Dec-2008 25JGT07 3004381579 CHINH DAT Co., Vietnam
WJQ-0880861-4/8/1 01-Dec-2008 25NCT25 3004668598 Batleys plc United Kingdom
WJQ-0880861-4/8/2 01-Dec-2008 25NCT25 3004668598 Batleys plc United Kingdom
224-0804905-8/5/1 03-Dec-2008 25PCI01 3002535095 Agrofruct Sp. Poland
UT4-0080660-0/12/1 01-Dec-2008 25QGH99 3001907808 Hang Wo Trading Co. Hong Kong SAR
112-5139432-9/1/1 19-Dec-2008 25SET02 3003574001 Pebeyre SA France
U46-1047655-6/2/1 29-Dec-2008 25SET02 3004950316 Savitar Srl Italy
WIG-8019440-8/1/5 17-Dec-2008 25SGH07 2000000370 QINGYUAN XINZHOU ORGANIC EDIBLE FUNGUS PRODUCTS CO.,LTD China
EH1-0171395-4/12/1 05-Dec-2008 25YCT99 3006807554 OOO Lider-Expo Russia