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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 02-Whole Grain/Milled Grain Prod/Starch

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AM1-0150354-9/11/1 20-Feb-2008 02AGT09 3006039010 Arrocera Los Corrales Guatemala
AM1-0150354-9/10/1 20-Feb-2008 02AGY01 3005141517 Export Imports San Rafael Guatemala
AMG-0069679-3/11/1 15-Feb-2008 02BFB01 3006552713 Vcerritos Express Net Guatemala
AMG-0069679-3/6/1 15-Feb-2008 02BYY99 3006552713 Vcerritos Express Net Guatemala
D52-8900863-8/1/21 26-Feb-2008 02CGT99 3003871001 Economic Food Solutions Pvt.Ltd. India
WUG-0141364-9/1/1 04-Feb-2008 02DAT07 3009881651 Sunstar Overseas India
ANP-0008950-9/6/1 06-Feb-2008 02DGE99 3005061381 Tomoguchi Co. Ltd. Japan
KM6-0035575-4/1/2 20-Feb-2008 02DGT07 3004324723 SSA International Limited India
BDD-0773525-7/2/2 15-Feb-2008 02DGT10 3005365232 Hopia Bakery Philippines
322-4840137-7/5/1 13-Feb-2008 02DYT08 3004867260 Knr Rice Mill India
KM6-0105279-8/25/1 28-Feb-2008 02GGT99 1000245745 Jalpur Millers United Kingdom
458-0060132-5/1/1 13-Feb-2008 02HGH99 3006217951 Jrah Trading Tunisia
277-0116542-8/1/1 08-Feb-2008 02HGT01 3003204351 Aling Conching Native Products Philippines
KM6-0034234-9/2/1 19-Feb-2008 02HGT01 3004381579 CHINH DAT Co., Vietnam
300-2475088-5/2/1 12-Feb-2008 02HYY01 3010026663 R.S. Foods Tech (thailand) Co. LTD. Thailand