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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 62-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
110-1382687-6/1/2 08-Feb-2008 62FBA99 3006610748 Savelia Alessandro Italy
110-1382687-6/1/1 08-Feb-2008 62FBO99 3006610748 Savelia Alessandro Italy
T77-1038218-7/5/1 11-Feb-2008 62GBO99 3000184972 Whitehall Robins Laboratories United States
T77-1031604-5/4/1 11-Feb-2008 62GBO99 3000184972 Whitehall Robins Laboratories United States
110-1465291-7/1/3 11-Feb-2008 62GCA50 1000556091 Bayer Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico
UPS-0064160-3/1/2 28-Feb-2008 62GCA94 3006668862 Pakmail Lindavista Mexico
110-1577898-4/1/1 20-Feb-2008 62GDA18 3005402689 Merck S.A. Mexico
110-1566858-1/1/1 15-Feb-2008 62GQC18 3001743983 Novartis Farmaceutica S.A. De C.V. Mexico
AEK-7744903-7/1/1 12-Feb-2008 62ICC99 3002106632 Global Rx Inc United States
112-1173674-2/2/1/A 07-Feb-2008 62KAA08 3005690785 Mcneil Gmbh & Co United Kingdom
M21-0737202-3/1/1 07-Feb-2008 62KAE10 3004850451 Wendt-Chemie Vertriebsges Mbh & Co. Germany
110-1475027-3/1/6 06-Feb-2008 62KCA10 3004104216 Vitae Laboratorios Mexico
051-0190740-9/17/1 11-Feb-2008 62MBY99 3004231838 Comercio De Importacaoe Exportacao Girassol Ltda Brazil
110-1525619-7/1/6 06-Feb-2008 62OCA03 3006632816 Pharmacie Sylvie Champagne Canada
112-1213130-7/1/3 15-Feb-2008 62QBJ99 3006656676 Cosmo Technica Srl Spain
112-1277318-1/1/5 22-Feb-2008 62QBJ99 3006446378 Organic Trevarno United Kingdom
M34-7103042-9/1/1/B 25-Feb-2008 62SAJ99 3003630480 Biocor Israel
144-8401941-1/3/1 01-Feb-2008 62UCA99 3005590262 S&Y Mexico Corp S.A. Mexico
112-0052121-2/1/1 25-Feb-2008 62VAA50 3004740887 Heumann Pcs Germany
XXX-0153340-6/1/1 20-Feb-2008 62WAY99 1000480423 Unknown Malaysia