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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AM1-0150354-9/8/1/A 04-Mar-2008 07ADT02 3004176281 Industrias Rick'S, S.A.
AM1-0150354-9/9/1 04-Mar-2008 07ADT02 3004176281 Industrias Rick'S, S.A.
WV4-0010471-0/1/1 06-Mar-2008 24AFC84 3008823892 Cooperativa Agricola Integral "Magdalena" R.L.
AM1-0150354-9/8/1/B 10-Mar-2008 07BGT05 3005141517 Export Imports San Rafael
H67-1308419-1/1/1 12-Mar-2008 24AFB14 3004284987 Bellcas Exportando, S.A.
XXX-0151423-2/1/1 13-Mar-2008 54AEP05 3004647637 Drodijosa
XXX-0151423-2/1/4 13-Mar-2008 54ACC90 3004121613 Laprin
XXX-0151423-2/1/6 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3005203073 Bayer S.A.
XXX-0151423-2/1/8 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3005529211 Donovan Werke A.G.S.A. International
XXX-0151423-2/1/9 13-Mar-2008 61WDL04 3005203073 Bayer S.A.
XXX-0151423-2/1/10 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3004565999 Drogueria Roland Louis
XXX-0151423-2/1/11 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3006335737 Fortepsa
XXX-0151423-2/1/12 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3006335737 Fortepsa
XXX-0151423-2/1/13 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3003916517 Unipharma International, SA
XXX-0151423-2/1/14 13-Mar-2008 60LDA01 3004565999 Drogueria Roland Louis
XXX-0151423-2/1/15 13-Mar-2008 55QP58 3004175446 Ruipharma , S.A.
XXX-0151441-4/1/3 13-Mar-2008 65RDW06 3004528655 Laboratorios Piersan
XXX-0151441-4/1/6 13-Mar-2008 56EDF81 3004740219 Laboratorios Therfam
XXX-0151441-4/1/8 13-Mar-2008 62GDB18 2000015772 Farmacaps, S.A.
XXX-0151441-4/1/9 13-Mar-2008 54AGL05 3003810237 Merck Centroamericana S.A.
XXX-0151441-4/1/11 13-Mar-2008 66VDY99 3006337857 Sanofi-Aventis
XXX-0151441-4/1/13 13-Mar-2008 26CY04 3003079616 Professional Cargo Service
XXX-0151788-8/1/1/O 13-Mar-2008 54YCY99 2000027508 DANISCO DE CENTRO AMERICA, S.A.
XXX-0151902-5/1/1/A 13-Mar-2008 60SBA99 3004122537 Laboratorios Quirarma, S.A.
XXX-0151902-5/1/2 13-Mar-2008 60IBA99 3004122537 Laboratorios Quirarma, S.A.
XXX-0151902-5/1/3 13-Mar-2008 66VJA99 3004122537 Laboratorios Quirarma, S.A.
XXX-0152364-7/2/1 13-Mar-2008 66VDY99 3001027464 UNKNOWN
XXX-0152364-7/2/2 13-Mar-2008 16AFH99 3001027464 UNKNOWN
J50-0100729-1/7/1 19-Mar-2008 37JHT99 3004122752 Coexport, S.A.
ATG-1004416-8/7/1 20-Mar-2008 25ECI99 3005184004 Guatexport
BFV-0155449-2/1/1/A 21-Mar-2008 03AGT99 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/1/1/B 21-Mar-2008 03AGT99 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/1/1/C 21-Mar-2008 03AGT99 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/3/1 21-Mar-2008 07ADT99 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/4/1 21-Mar-2008 24BGT05 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/5/1 21-Mar-2008 24HGH08 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/6/1 21-Mar-2008 24AAT07 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
BFV-0155449-2/7/1 21-Mar-2008 24BGH05 3006479745 Intact Guatemala
F23-0518258-6/3/10 24-Mar-2008 30AHT99 3004270770 Mahler S.A.