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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for United States

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-0099448-4/1/1 06-Mar-2008 62TCB06 3006541635 Astra Zeneca
GJ8-0049079-0/1/1 06-Mar-2008 41YGT99 3006206932 Natural Health Technologies Co
112-0109645-3/1/1 06-Mar-2008 78GCP 3005048856 Pentax Precision Instruments Corp
112-0130628-2/1/1 06-Mar-2008 79LRR 3003015706 Majestic Aerotech Inc.
EE6-2016208-5/1/1 10-Mar-2008 95L22 1000493636 Daewoo Electronics Co Ltd
H87-0155305-4/1/1 10-Mar-2008 12AGO05 3004401938 PS International
EG6-1489018-4/1/1 11-Mar-2008 24TFC05 3003111116 Freitas Brothers
144-1390773-7/1/1 11-Mar-2008 54AMY90 1930730 Advantech Ltd
112-1657227-4/1/1 13-Mar-2008 60MIY28 1000513229 Alkermes, Inc.
EG6-1437432-0/1/1 14-Mar-2008 37KYY99 3007749714 Red Gold Co
EE6-2016206-9/1/1 14-Mar-2008 94V07 1000493636 Daewoo Electronics Co Ltd
EE6-2016203-6/1/1 14-Mar-2008 95L22 1000493636 Daewoo Electronics Co Ltd
620-5910594-0/2/1 17-Mar-2008 32AEP04 1000154488 Miller Brewing Co.
620-5910594-0/2/2 17-Mar-2008 32AEP04 1000154488 Miller Brewing Co.
336-8047144-1/1/1 18-Mar-2008 54ACA16 3004813928 Creation's Garden Natural Products, Inc.
M42-1567377-1/1/1 20-Mar-2008 54FCZ12 3006596047 C & H NATURAL KIM, CORP.
065-1244092-3/1/1 20-Mar-2008 54FBT10 2027185 Wakunaga Of America Co Ltd
W69-4058699-4/2/1/A 20-Mar-2008 54YCH99 3005792480 Kmax Health Products Co
W69-4058699-4/2/1/B 20-Mar-2008 54YCH99 3005792480 Kmax Health Products Co
UPS-0311319-6/1/1 21-Mar-2008 60NCA03 3001859902 Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
310-1308357-7/1/1 21-Mar-2008 80FRP 3006660452 Wheaton Brace Company
UPS-0426486-5/3/1 24-Mar-2008 60QBL67 2016565 Unit Dose Packaging Inc
112-1791247-9/1/1 24-Mar-2008 61LDP38 3004020384 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
UPS-0427400-5/1/1 26-Mar-2008 80LJS 3004193065 Braun Medical
112-1760605-5/1/1 28-Mar-2008 66YCB99 3006715875 Farve Laboratories
112-1722117-8/2/1 28-Mar-2008 80LDQ 3003800041 Inamed Asthetics
NY2-0207542-8/1/1 28-Mar-2008 09CEE11 1940358 Dairy Farmers of America Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/19 28-Mar-2008 61NCC73 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/18 28-Mar-2008 60LCC85 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/17 28-Mar-2008 61NCC32 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/16 28-Mar-2008 64UCC03 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/15 28-Mar-2008 65QCC65 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/14 28-Mar-2008 65QCC31 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/13 28-Mar-2008 64XCC07 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/12 28-Mar-2008 62LCB40 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/11 28-Mar-2008 56ECC60 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/10 28-Mar-2008 62VCB18 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/9 28-Mar-2008 61WCC45 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/8 28-Mar-2008 61NCB67 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/7 28-Mar-2008 64BCC24 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/6 28-Mar-2008 63ECB13 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/5 28-Mar-2008 65ACB04 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/4 28-Mar-2008 66TCC01 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/3 28-Mar-2008 64GCC13 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/2 28-Mar-2008 64UCB01 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/2/1 28-Mar-2008 62OCB48 3002106632 Global Rx Inc
AEK-7749384-5/1/1 28-Mar-2008 56BCY03 3002106632 Global Rx Inc