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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 61-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0153631-8/1/8 14-Mar-2008 61ECA09 3001056209 unknown India
UPS-0330126-2/1/5 25-Mar-2008 61FCA54 3006213127 Pak Mail De Occidente Sa De Cv Mexico
XXX-0153631-8/1/1 14-Mar-2008 61FCA55 3001056209 unknown India
XXX-0153631-8/1/2 14-Mar-2008 61FCA55 3001056209 unknown India
112-1844547-9/1/1 28-Mar-2008 61GCY06 3000280957 Sandoz Canada Inc Canada
112-8875215-9/2/2 12-Mar-2008 61JCB14 3006528150 Apotek Greaker Norway
112-8875215-9/2/3 12-Mar-2008 61JCB14 3006528150 Apotek Greaker Norway
UPS-0165435-7/1/1/L 13-Mar-2008 61JCC14 3006685116 Unaiza Rana Canada
336-7493240-8/1/1 21-Mar-2008 61KAS99 3001175063 Boehringer Ingelheim Backmittel Gmbh Germany
112-1791247-9/1/1 24-Mar-2008 61LDP38 3004020384 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company United States
231-7099652-6/1/1 14-Mar-2008 61MIE99 3002807097 Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH Germany
AEK-9426424-5/2/2 19-Mar-2008 61NCA29 3006692535 Taxipost Belgium
AEK-7749384-5/2/8 28-Mar-2008 61NCB67 3002106632 Global Rx Inc United States
AEK-7749384-5/2/17 28-Mar-2008 61NCC32 3002106632 Global Rx Inc United States
UPS-0165435-7/1/1/K 13-Mar-2008 61NCC65 3006685116 Unaiza Rana Canada
AEK-7749384-5/2/19 28-Mar-2008 61NCC73 3002106632 Global Rx Inc United States
UPS-0165435-7/1/1/A 13-Mar-2008 61NCC76 3006685116 Unaiza Rana Canada
551-7643123-2/1/1 27-Mar-2008 61NDR69 3002628529 Pharmascience Inc. Canada
112-0151490-1/1/1 07-Mar-2008 61PAY17 3000151819 Novo Nordisk A/S Denmark
112-8566184-1/1/1 11-Mar-2008 61PCP26 3004139311 Franco-Indian Remedies India
112-8566184-1/1/2 11-Mar-2008 61PCP31 3003990294 Panacea Biotec Ltd. India
112-8566184-1/1/3 11-Mar-2008 61PCP61 3005012007 Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd India
940-0169725-2/2/27 13-Mar-2008 61RAA11 3005139860 Pharm Invest Jv Ukraine
UPS-0013721-4/1/7 06-Mar-2008 61WCA47 3006620576 Pakmail Cholula Mexico
AEK-7749384-5/2/9 28-Mar-2008 61WCC45 3002106632 Global Rx Inc United States
XXX-0151423-2/1/9 13-Mar-2008 61WDL04 3005203073 Bayer S.A. Guatemala
UPS-0165435-7/1/1/F 13-Mar-2008 61XCC45 3006685116 Unaiza Rana Canada
XXX-0152218-5/1/13 13-Mar-2008 61XDL14 3001683687 TABLETS (INDIA) LIMITED India