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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
JK8-0114853-2/6/1 05-May-2008 30NGT03 3005284378 Contrasa
JK8-0114853-2/8/1 05-May-2008 30AGT99 3004285804 Exportadora de Frutas y Vegetales Congeladas y Envasadas S.A
JK8-0114853-2/7/1 05-May-2008 30AGT99 3003314477 Productos Alimentios Centroamericanos, S.A.
JK8-0114610-6/21/1 05-May-2008 27AGT03 3004884598 Hispanic Foods
JN8-0014073-1/8/1 13-May-2008 24HGN07 2000042665 Tienda San Jorge
024-7817705-4/2/1 16-May-2008 21SCT05 3004250917 Conservas y Congelados YAESTA, S.A.
551-6666114-5/1/1 22-May-2008 24AGD84 3009576003 Agroindustria Legumex, S.A.
551-6663293-0/1/1 22-May-2008 24AGD84 3009576003 Agroindustria Legumex, S.A.
J50-0102706-7/5/1/A 22-May-2008 29BHT07 3004122758 SALVAVIDAS S.A.
J50-0102706-7/5/1/B 22-May-2008 29BCT07 3004122758 SALVAVIDAS S.A.
J50-0102706-7/5/1/C 22-May-2008 29BCT07 2000022602 Refrescos India Quiche
J50-0102706-7/5/3 22-May-2008 29BHT02 3004122752 Coexport, S.A.
DM4-0225310-6/1/1 23-May-2008 24AFC51 3006144403 Vegetales Especiales S.A.
DM4-0203477-9/1/1 27-May-2008 24AFC14 3004278844 Cooperativa Integral Union de 4 Pinos R.L.
XXX-0153459-4/2/1 28-May-2008 56ADZ10 3003339540 Unipharm S.A
XXX-0153462-8/3/1 28-May-2008 66VDY99 3003916517 Unipharma International, SA
XXX-0154083-1/1/1 28-May-2008 54AGP90 1000431244 Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Ghi,S.A.
XXX-0154083-1/1/2 28-May-2008 54AGP90 3006770248 FARNET
XXX-0154083-1/1/3 28-May-2008 54AGP90 1000467881 Laboratorios Lamfer, S.A.
XXX-0154083-1/1/7 28-May-2008 54BEL07 3004548237 Donovan Werke G.S.A International
XXX-0154083-1/1/10 28-May-2008 54AGP90 3004069870 Laboratorios PIERSAN
XXX-0154083-1/1/4 28-May-2008 61XCP08 3004069870 Laboratorios PIERSAN
XXX-0154083-1/1/5 28-May-2008 64LDP74 3004069870 Laboratorios PIERSAN
XXX-0154083-1/1/8 28-May-2008 60LAR05 3004118726 Laboratories Sante
XXX-0154083-1/1/9 28-May-2008 60LAR05 3004118726 Laboratories Sante
XXX-0154083-1/1/16 28-May-2008 62GAF90 3004936492 Laboratorios Pheniel
XXX-0154083-1/1/17 28-May-2008 61TAC02 3004581869 La boratorios Unido S.A.
XXX-0154083-1/1/19 28-May-2008 62GAC90 3001588881 Mavesa
XXX-0154083-1/1/22 28-May-2008 60LBC01 3004565999 Drogueria Roland Louis
XXX-0154083-1/1/23 28-May-2008 60QAJ56 3004936518 Laboratorios Disfavil
XXX-0154083-1/1/24 28-May-2008 63BCL02 3004548237 Donovan Werke G.S.A International
551-6662841-7/1/1 30-May-2008 24AGD84 3009576003 Agroindustria Legumex, S.A.