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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
024-7818067-8/2/1 01-Jul-2008 21VET02 2000026233 Industrias Alimenticias Kern's y Cia. S.C.A.
JN8-0014424-6/8/1 08-Jul-2008 16AGH33 2000042665 Tienda San Jorge
DM4-0227731-1/4/1 15-Jul-2008 24AFC51 3004277390 San Juan Agro Export
AM1-0152659-9/8/1 16-Jul-2008 07ADT02 3008288653 PRODUCTOS ALIMENTICIOS YAESTA, S.A.
ALL-0065033-3/1/1 16-Jul-2008 24AFC82 3001614402 Empaques Agricolas
334-3166920-0/1/1 17-Jul-2008 24AGN51 3009576003 Agroindustria Legumex, S.A.
AM1-0152841-3/7/1 18-Jul-2008 07ADT02 3004176281 Industrias Rick'S, S.A.
CCB-0000853-1/5/1/G 18-Jul-2008 45IH99 3004996169 Danisco Guatemala, S.A.
WYQ-2019521-9/1/1/B 22-Jul-2008 24ADE07 2000026233 Industrias Alimenticias Kern's y Cia. S.C.A.
WYQ-2019521-9/15/1 22-Jul-2008 02YGT99 3006689426 Chanin Exports
WYQ-2019521-9/17/1 22-Jul-2008 02GGT08 3006689426 Chanin Exports