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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 63-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
UPS-8006411-0/2/1 15-Aug-2008 63AIA99 3002806439 Pfizer Canada Inc. Canada
UPS-8006411-0/1/1 15-Aug-2008 63AIS99 3002806439 Pfizer Canada Inc. Canada
112-3323105-2/1/1 01-Aug-2008 63BCS26 3002808159 Sifavitor S.r.l. Italy
112-1620342-5/1/1 22-Aug-2008 63BDZ25 3005264434 Yes Pharma Ltd Israel
411-8164487-7/22/1 18-Aug-2008 63EAL99 3006130079 Ashiwin Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical India
U59-2011266-6/1/1 25-Aug-2008 63HBS10 1000225411 Inalco S.P.A. Italy
U59-2011283-1/1/1 25-Aug-2008 63HBS10 1000225411 Inalco S.P.A. Italy
U59-2011283-1/2/1 25-Aug-2008 63HBS10 1000225411 Inalco S.P.A. Italy
DP4-0443664-5/1/1 06-Aug-2008 63RAJ04 2418748 Colgate Palmolive Co United States
277-0118294-4/11/1 27-Aug-2008 63RBY06 13365 PA-Siam Intertrade Co. Ltd. Thailand
EBH-0061991-9/49/1 26-Aug-2008 63VAX99 3004845869 Cosmetic Asia Philippines
EQ6-0007664-8/1/1 14-Aug-2008 63VAY02 3005755019 Fcc Frangrances Cosmetics & Consulting Switzerland
N56-0016242-8/1/1 21-Aug-2008 63VAY02 3007015498 Mbacha Amina Cameroon
HD8-0089119-8/1/1/F 05-Aug-2008 63VBL02 3003233566 Vinco Pharmaceuticals United Kingdom
916-1765327-3/1/1 07-Aug-2008 63VCY99 3005044966 Spec-Chem Industry China