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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Nigeria

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0153257-2/2/1 09-Sep-2008 66VDY99 3005340848 May & Baker Nig, Plc
XXX-0153257-2/2/2 09-Sep-2008 66VDY99 3006641213 Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc.
XXX-0153257-2/2/3 09-Sep-2008 66VDY99 3006641216 Chemo-Pharma Laboratories Limited
XXX-0153257-2/2/4 09-Sep-2008 66VDY99 3006742008 Copac Nigeria ltd
XXX-0155117-6/1/1/D 12-Sep-2008 63VDJ02 3007034001 Skin Beauty
XXX-0155117-6/1/1/E 12-Sep-2008 63VDL02 3002496612 SIVOP - C.I.
XXX-0155117-6/1/1/I 12-Sep-2008 54FYJ99 3005497840 Virgin Beauty Industries Nig Ltd
XXX-0155117-6/1/1/M 12-Sep-2008 54FYJ99 3002496612 SIVOP - C.I.
XXX-0155117-6/1/1/N 12-Sep-2008 54FYJ99 3002496612 SIVOP - C.I.
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/A 17-Sep-2008 64XDR06 3006742008 Copac Nigeria ltd
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/B 17-Sep-2008 65TDJ04 3007064746 Kuntex Ent
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/C 17-Sep-2008 55PY25 3000415782 Johnson Wax Nigeria, LTD
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/D 17-Sep-2008 62MDJ01 3006742009 PZ Nigeria Limited
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/E 17-Sep-2008 54FGR99 3006742011 Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer
U72-0513865-5/19/1/B 29-Sep-2008 26YHT99 3005293839 Tosko Team Ventures
U72-0513865-5/22/1 29-Sep-2008 13BHT01 2000046196 Tit-Rahal Nigeria Company