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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 65-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-2180428-2/1/1 29-Sep-2008 65BCS03 3003602532 Pharmazell (India) Private Limited India
112-0709442-9/1/1 17-Sep-2008 65CDK07 3003569585 Laboratories Elmor SA Venezuela
336-8751851-7/1/1 30-Sep-2008 65JCS31 3006986873 Chang Jiang Leather Co Ltd. China
XXX-0151817-5/1/2 09-Sep-2008 65JDA29 3006428332 Nueva Perla El Salvador
XXX-0147059-1/1/1 09-Sep-2008 65JDB29 3003067499 Thai Nakorn Patana Co Ltd Thailand
UPS-1521993-2/1/1 22-Sep-2008 65JDB39 3007006043 Saeed Ahmed Ali Yemen
XXX-0151817-5/1/1 09-Sep-2008 65JDK18 3003579793 Laboratorios Vijosa S.A de C.V. El Salvador
802-0022664-7/1/1 29-Sep-2008 65JDY29 3002806439 Pfizer Canada Inc. Canada
UPS-2147538-7/1/1/B 12-Sep-2008 65QCK02 3007095546 guangzhou aima China
112-4256250-5/1/1 22-Sep-2008 65QCK02 1000493316 Allergan Canada Canada
112-4116012-9/1/1 11-Sep-2008 65QCP02 3007083253 Allergan United States
AEK-9533847-7/1/9 02-Sep-2008 65RCA14 3007041622 Rose Janzen Canada
XXX-0155459-2/1/1/B 17-Sep-2008 65TDJ04 3007064746 Kuntex Ent Nigeria
112-2254469-7/1/1 22-Sep-2008 65VBY99 3004508786 BioEnvelop Inc Canada
AEK-9130529-8/1/1 04-Sep-2008 65VCA99 3007077912 Newgen Imaging Sysyems Pvt. Ltd. India
112-4141252-0/7/1 03-Sep-2008 65VCP15 3003699941 Cipla Ltd India